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Beamer alternative for Windows?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by SeenJeen, Aug 26, 2013.

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    Beamer is brilliant because it can push any video format to my Apple TV...
    But is there a Windows alternative? Haven't quite found it yet... And iTunes is a real pain because I have to convert it to an accepted format.

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    You weren't very clear of your needs, so I'm just guessing here; but have you checked into ( heard of ) AirServer and AirParrot?

    We use those to emulate AppleTV features with Windows computers very successfully. Not as successful as our native Apple to Apple stuff, but pretty dern good for the price.
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    I'll explain what Beamer is: it pushes ANY type of Video to the Apple TV (meaning it probably converts on the fly)... Without having to waste time manually converting for use with iTunes. It works wonderfully on my Mac.

    AirPlay mirroring (like AirParrot) isn't a good option because it has latency issues... Meaning skipped frames, and slower overall performance compared to native video steaming.

    So, is there a Beamer equivalent for Windows that anyone knows of?

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