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Bean vs. NeoOffice

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by skateny, Oct 14, 2012.

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    Until this past week, I'd been using NeoOffice as my default word processor. I'd used both NO and Bean (not very often) prior to this. I was using NeoOffice for the misguided reason that I thought it had more features and was closer to commercial WPs in terms of its overall functionality. It also had generally good user reviews. Overall, Bean seemed less "professional" and too simple to be a serious WP. Boy was I wrong.

    I started growing impatient with NO: waiting for it to load, slow keyboard response (and slow at just about everything else), and just very balky using it. Bean is much faster in every aspect and, so far, has met all my needs. It seems to shine in its intuitive interface and ease of use.

    I'm curious to know others' experiences and recommendations with non-professional WPs (i.e., freeware or shareware).
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    Bean is the way to go. My work requires me to write articles for my company and I was like you, tried Neo Office but it was way to buggy. What I like the best is the .docx compatibility.

    I'd stick with Bean.
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    I've always owned MS Office, Claris/AppleWorks, or iWork, so I don't have a lot of extensive experience with freeware solutions, but I have used both Neo and OOo on my 667MHz TiBook, and I actually preferred the slightly outdated OpenOffice to Neo in just about every way.
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    Thanks. Yeah, I'm very happy with the .docx compatibility. Makes my work easier.
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    Neo just became too painful.
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    Mine too! haha
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    I use Bean and OpenOffice. Bean is my all time favorite word processor and I use OpenOffice for Calc and stuff like that.
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    I use Libre office on all my computers, whether Linux, OS X, or the one remaining Windows 7 PC
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    I've found LibreOffice to be a little better than NeoOffice. But I still only use it for formatting. I do my actual writing on something like Bean or iText Express.
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    Jessica Lares

    Bean is great. I even use it on my MBP when I'm not using OmmWriter.
  11. Ariii, Oct 14, 2012
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    .NeoOffice has slowed down a lot in the later versions. It is nearly impossible to obtain an older version. OpenOffice was nice, but still buggy when using .docx and LibreOffice has always been better... but I'd recommend AbiWord, I've had the best experience with it. It runs well on even lower-spec'd G3's, which is great.
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    haha True, Abiword is a great open source document editor. I found it in 2002. It is the best. Is there a PowerPC version?
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    Yes, there is, both for Mac OS X and Linux.

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