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Beautiful women can be bad for your health, according to scientists

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by anjinha, May 3, 2010.

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    This must be true. A customer at work was so hot that I completely forgot what I was supposed to fix and ran in circles for 30 seconds before I could remember.
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    I imagine the OP has quite a few unhealthy men around her. ;)
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    too true. We a all are, or know guys that lose their mind around a beautiful woman lol. Now we at least know why.
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    I don't exhibit any changes when I see a beautiful woman, except perhaps this involuntary thrusting motion I do with my pelvis.
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    That explains why men have more heart attacks! Beautiful Women cause them!

    ... too much of a stretch? Well I tried ;)
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    In addition to this I find myself more annoyed at people who are arrogant and self entitled. I don't find beautiful women who are humble stressful, but if they're hot and act like they know you know it there are few things less attractive. High maintenance is more stressful whether it's a computer or a woman or a boat or any damn other thing.
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    It just proves that Einstein theory is right!

    "Place your hand on a hot stove and it will seem to last an hour. Sit next to a beautiful lady for an hour, and it will seem to last only a minute. That is relativity!"
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    Lord Blackadder

    Maybe they were just stressed out with the Sudoku puzzle, and by the time the other male participant left they were getting upset every time....
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    Maybe they smelled a sour poon. Think outside the box people.
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    Their theory is all wrong... their theory should be:

    Hot Ladies > Sudoku

    I hope that doesn't mean what I think it means..
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    Lord Blackadder

    Indeed. They should have put something of equivalent importance in the (stereotypical) male mind in the room, such as a video game console, a bunch of cool tools and a car to work on, a huge television playing sports, or a large quantity of beer.
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    That sounds significantly more scientific to me!
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    I'm a dead man walking!

    I'm also thrilled that I have a beautiful wife!!!

    The sudoku challenge would not present a problem for me.
    Heck, I have a difficult time solving the ones in the Sunday paper.
    Hmmm. My wife is usually in the room.
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    without a picture, your post is hard to believe :D
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    You could add a tank and a stealth fighter and the guy's mind will still wander back to the beautiful girl (at least after the initial wow factor wears off).
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    Newly wed?
  18. JNB
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    Being comfortable with the fact that I am repellent to women—both "good-looking" and otherwise—I am preternaturally and eternally calm, and destined to live a stress-free life, at least on that front. :p
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    Nope. 30 years in, and counting...
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    The novelty of a good looking gf wears off pretty quickly. After a couple of months you've seen her without makeup, smelled her poop, seen her pick her nose, spit on you when laughing etc

    And the cortisol levels drop back down again. I don't think there's any reason then to avoid beautiful women in long term relationships, like the study says, cortisol levels are good for you in short doses. It's conclusion is poor :confused:
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    Ha! Beautiful women don't poop... silly. :p
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    Blasphemy! They better not!!!
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    Ha. I've gotten more than a couple of LOLs out of this thread. :D
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    Nice to hear this kinda thing from time to time. :)
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