Become the biggest bencher in the world with Bench Off for iOS

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    Do you have what it takes to become the best bencher in the world?

    Download from the App Store and Enjoy:
    Youtube video:

    Play as either wimp or blimp and take your character from a bench press beginner to the heights of glory.

    Simple but addictive, Bench Off gives you the chance to compete as a bench pressing champ on a journey in which you strive to go the distance for self-respect.

    Start your Bench Off career in your bedroom and train until you are ready to take on Charlie, the kid next door. Work your way through 11 different gyms and acquire the training you need to defeat the Bench King.

    For every Bench Off challenge you win, you will be rewarded with a cash prize, which you can spend on supplements to speed up your training. Be warned, some of them can get you caught out and disqualified.

    So, do you have what it takes to persevere when others will give up and fail? Then take up your weights and start to pump some serious iron.

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    Download from the App Store and Enjoy:
    Youtube video:

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