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BeejiveIM vs IM+ ?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by rwdebes, Jun 13, 2010.

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    I saw some threads but none had enough posts or enough opinions to make my decision , so I decided to make another thread and help everybody pick the best instant messenger client , before spending 10 bucks.

    What's the main differences ?

    I use msn more than anything so AIM etc... Do not interest me.

    Thanks all
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    I've not used beejive on the iPad as I didn't like it on the iPhone but I do use im+.

    I like im+ because of the integrated browser. It's not amazingly great as a browser but till os4 comes to the iPad it's a multitasking option of sorts allowing you to chat and surf without closing the app and waiting for it to reconnect.
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    They are both about the same really, I use IM+ as I feel it's a better, simpler UI so that's why.
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    Beejive has a horrendously putrid UI on iPad.

    IM+ all the way.
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    IM+ for me because it also integrates with Skype and is a universal app for your iPhone/iPod too. One big problem with the servers lately is that it still shows you as being online even though you have signed off on the app. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, extremely annoying.
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    IM+ has a nicer interface. I love the simplicity and the less cluttered look compared to BeeJive. I'll try to post screenshots some time.
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    Sometimes IM+ takes far too long to start up, even operating on a single Gmail account. Otherwise it's great. It could do with an IU makeover, it's a little bland.
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    Does IM+ have a way to combine contacts from multiple services into one metacontact? I end up seeing some people 3 or 4 times when they also have accounts on more than one service. Combining them into one contact would reduce the clutter.
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    As far as I can tell, no. I have the same delimma with people using multiple services and they show up in each one.
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    I used beejive on the iPhone and didn't feel like paying for it again. So, on my iPad I use the beehive iPhone app to keep me logged in (7 day timeout), but use the free version of IM+ actually IM people (free version of IM+ only allows a 30 minute timeout). I'm much happier with IM+ than I was with Beejive.

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