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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Nsar1, Mar 29, 2008.

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    ..I thought I'd have one last go at trying to simply get a Nano to talk to it. After wasting an hour or so trying with the pathetic instruction set, it turns out that because I have 10.4.7 my Nano won't work. Of course I had to find that out for my self by searching on forums like this.
    OK so I try to update the software but I get an error message saying I can't connect to the update server (internet connection is just fine). I try my local Apple store who say that the only way to get the update is to connect to the server. That's in the chocolate teapot category of help I feel. Or I could buy a whole new OS for more than the cost of the Nano. Yeah right.
    I google "download 10.4.8" and get some links to the Apple site but the click throughs from Apple's own site don't work. This is now way past amateur hour.

    Does anyone have anything that might help.

    I know this is heresy but if I connected my nano to PC it would work a treat, but it's my son's nano and his I-mac so that's not an option and i have my own I-tunes on there any way.

    I thought these things were supposed to by easy to use?
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    have you tried running the software update on the very top left hand corner under the apple to get the latest version of tiger which i believe is 10.4.11

    it can also be that the version of itunes that youre using is too old. that will come up with the software updates anyways. that happened to my friends pc. he has an old version of itunes and his new ipod wouldnt recognize itunes due to it being the older version.

    im on my 24 inch iMac right now with both my iphone and 5.5 80 gig ipod charging and theyre both fine...running leopard though...
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    seconded. Is there some reason you don't want to upgrade the imac to 10.4.11? It's the last, least buggy Tiger point release. I can't see why you'd rather have 10.4.7 or .8.
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    iBookG4 FTW

    Did you guys even read the post? He said he can't connect, and he is trying to get the latest version of Tiger.
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    You mentioned clicking some of the links at Apple's site. Did you get to this page?

    It's the combo updater that gets you to 10.4.11 (you need at least 10.4.4, which you do). I tried the link and was able to download the .dmg file. What happens when you click the download link? (It's toward the top-right in the Download Details box.)

    Edit: If you don't have an Intel machine, here's the PPC page:
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    Thanks for your suggestions. I just downloaded the combo update and after about 6 hours (I connect through GPRS) it finished downloading, I clicked 'open' and it produced an error message saying file does not exist or it has changed name since download.

    I cannot tell you how unbelievably frustrating I find this whole process.

    Please help!
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    maybe time for an appt at your local apple store?
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    Good grief! I second the trip to the apple store!
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    You're downloading a massive software update through a mobile phone connection? That's insane.

    Suggest you find a computer with a reliable landbased internet connection (pref broadband) and download the combo updater, then save it on a cd or dvd or USB stick, and transfer to the imac.

    If you must download via the mobile, then use a third party downloader (e.g. 'speed download' or some other free app) which will look after reconnections and keeping it all together.

    EDIT: Just noticed it says can't find file. Maybe the file's still there, just under a slightly different name? Have a look around.
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    I don't have a choice of how to download at home, something that Apple seem unable to comprehend. My son is away for a few days so I thought I'd surprise him by getting the thing to work for when he got back, it was already a disappointment that his birthday present has been useless from the moment he unwrapped it, because I haven't had hours to spare to try to get it working. I thought it might be something I could do whilst getting on with a few other things around the house, not burn a whole day getting nowhere.

    I have asked a colleague to download the update and burn it to disc and I'll try it when I get home.

    But why should I have to go through all this pain simply to get £120 worth of Nano to talk to a high end piece of kit like an I-Mac that probably cost about five times as much as a cheap PC that could do this without even blinking?

    Every part of this experience in terms of hardware, software and support has been user-unfriendly, frustrating and time consuming. Thank you for the constructive comments here which have been in contrast to the useless product and service experience from Apple itself.
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    Well, you are in an unusual situation in that you don't have broadband. Most people will at least have a 1 megabit connection, and regardless of this Apple's made it extremely easy to update by using the built-in Software Update application. Also, as far as Apple go over the phone it's difficult to tell what the problem is. For what it's worth, a Genius Bar tech would have (hopefully!) recognised the problem in thirty seconds flat once you said the word 'New iPod' and he saw your OS version.
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    I have a 3g connection but this can drop to low dial-up rates for any number of reasons beyond my control. But that isn't actually the problem it just makes the existing problem more tiresome to solve.

    The Genius might have recognised the problem but the only solution they offer is to try to sell me a whole new OS for not far off the cost of the Nano! Some solution.......
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    Do you not have any friends with internet? Take the iMac to their house and do the update there. ;)
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    Sky Blue

    Seems like you have a pretty bizarre internet setup and are taking it out on the computer. If you take your iMac to an Apple Store, they can do the update for you.
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    Or go to one of a billion coffee shops or cafes that now offer free WIFI. :D

    Might be weird with an iMac, but it's been done before, haha. I've seen it.
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    Lug a big computer around just so I can connect an I-pod? I was hoping for something a little more convenient....what about all that "works straight out of the box" stuff?

    Like I say the internet connection isn't the issue, it's just making the problem harder to solve. The problem would have been a whole lot easier if...

    a) An error message of some sort was displayed when the nano failed to show-up as a source
    b) I could connect to the software update server
    c) There was a quick download taking me from 10.4.7 to 10.4.8 rather than a 312mb file size and which didn't require me to download third party software to make it easier/more convenient
    d) If I can't connect to the server then at least give me troubleshooting options not just a "quit" button
    e) having downloaded the software update it didn't fail to recognise it

    These are the problems, none of which are to do with the speed of my connection aside from e) being longer a process than it might otherwise be.
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    Sky Blue

    a) An error message of some sort was displayed when the nano failed to show-up as a source
    I agree, there should be. The tech specs page for the nano, does say 10.4.9 though,

    c) There was a quick download taking me from 10.4.7 to 10.4.8 rather than a 312mb file size and which didn't require me to download third party software to make it easier/more convenient

    Not sure what type of iMac you have, but here's a 31MB PPC download:

    d) If I can't connect to the server then at least give me troubleshooting options not just a "quit" button
    GPRS seems a strange way to do software updates

    These are the problems, none of which are to do with the speed of my connection aside from e)

    and b)
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    Thanks for the constructive comments. It's an Intel I-Mac

    on B) it simply won't connect at all to the update server, running diagnostics simply tells me my internet connection is OK and that's as far as diagnostics goes....

    Hopefully the download from my colleague will do the trick
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    Sky Blue

    Ok, the download from 10.4.7 to 10.4.8 is 206MB. This is a pretty decent OS upgrade, so they're going to be fairly large. It's not like going from iTunes 7.1.1 to 7.1.2.

    You might need to upgrade your iTunes too.
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    Thanks but that download requires a more recent OS than I have at present. I'm on 10.4.7.

    They don't make easy do they!

    I think this is what I need,

    but without the nano in front of me I'd swear the leaflet that comes with it says it needs 10.4.8 but the link above seems to suggest 10.4.9
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    what to do

    Yo will need at least 10.4.9 to use the nano but here's what to do:

    Go to the Apple menu in the top left. Select 'About This Mac'. If under processor it says Power PC G3,4, or 5, you need the PPC Combo Updater. If it says Intel Core Duo or Intel Core 2 Duo then you need the Intel Combo Updater. You can get this update by clicking the links above and downloading the appropriate file, or by again going to the Apple Menu and selecting 'Software Update...'. If you go through software update, the installer will run automatically, if not the file that downloads opens like a disk and you run the installer through a .mpkg file in there.

    You may also have to update your version of iTunes to 7.6.1 as the nano requires 7,6 or later. You can again get the update though software update, or by going here.

    Best of luck.
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    Actually they give you the option of downloading it from their website from anywhere and burning it to a disc or coping it to some form of portable medium. Then take it back to your computer and install it.

    It seems a little foolish to blame Apple because your internet connection sucks and was not meant to download the type of file you are trying to download.
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    Obviously, there is something wrong with either your internet connection or Network settings. The update process on Mac OS is really straightforward : Go in to Apple menu and choose Software update and that's it. Also, my question is why are you still running this old version of Mac OS X. I believe the last revision is 10.4.11 and has been released many months ago (sometimes beginning fall 2007) and the reason why yours is still not up to date is maybe showing that you have a problem to update for a I wrong ?

    As far as the Nano, providing you have the right OS X version to run the Nano, it should connect and sync with Itunes without a glitch and this is pretty straightforward as well : connect and click sync.

    Have you tried to repair permissions ?
    My recommendation will be to bring your machine to an Apple store and get it checked by a genius.

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    Seems like you're in a particularly odd situation. Normally it is extremely easy.
    As for the OS version you need 10.4.8 or higher. So you really should get yourself the 10.4.11 update and forget about any of the other versions. The problem is kinda hairy, but the solution really is unquestionable. Get 10.4.11.

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