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Behold the Apple Switch Music!!!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by LimeiBook86, Oct 20, 2002.

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    I read an article on http://mac.ign.com and look what I found toward the end of the article (near the picture of the lady in the green shirt)

    "and I learned that the title of the switch ad background music is "Spit" by John Murphy."

    The article link is here: http://mac.ign.com/articles/374/374668p1.html

    Now I remeber when each of us attempted to make our own "Switch" ads we were going crazy looking for the music. Well to my knowledge I haven't herd any news of the "Switch" music's title or artist being known. Well now we know. I hope this helps, and If someone has figured this out before me or I have incorrect information let me know before I get to excited... :D
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    Good find.

    I remember seeing that on Apple's Japan site.
    Funny how it never showed up in the US.

    Wonder why it's called 'Spit'?
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    Re: Good find.

    Yeah me to, wierd name :rolleyes: !
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    Now all ya gotta do is actually *find* the music.
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    Spit because you're getting rid of the bad taste of Windows :)
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    Doctor Q

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    See this thread.
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    Mr. Anderson

    The music was submitted by a member who had access to the original. It definitely helped the entries, and even the ones that came after the contest.
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    What I meant was to find the actual "Spit" mp3 by John Murphy.
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    Re: Re: Good find.

    I agree. It is an odd name, but what title would not have been?
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    Re: Re: Good find.

    I agree. It is an odd name, but what title would not have been?
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    Hm.. I guess I'll just recreate the music using the various ads, and cut and paste 'em together, since I can't find this "Spit" music.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Didn't you look at the link above that Doctor Q provided???? Its got the link to the actual music, so you don't have to recreate it. Besides, I tried that and even with all that ads, there's not enough clean music to do the splicing - too much talking.

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    Yeah, I did listen to it, but it sounds like a MIDI-ized version of the music. I'm almost half-way done recreating the Switch music, using all the Switch ads (mostly Ellen's...) for clips.
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    Mr. Anderson

    post your results, because if your's sounds as good as the 'midi' version, I'll be impressed. What bit rate are the sound files from Apple's Switch Movies anyway?
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    Doctor Q

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    Maybe spit is an acronym for Stupid Pc Is Terrible or Switching Platforms Improves Things!
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    It might be real, I dunno..... sounds "good" to me :confused:
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    When I looked at the Japanese switch ads the other day the credits to the music was one of the first things I noticed. Interesting that in their culture such things are explicitly cited, here we just kinda take it for granted.
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    music in ads in Japan

    TV ads almost always have the music credited onscreen to the artist.

    I don't think Kikuchi is the japanese Ellen. You don't know any japanese women if you think she is. There are freaky women here, Kikuchi is pretty normal, but so is Ellen.

    No I am not st**ned!
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    The Switch Music.

    I realize this thread is long ago old, but I find it a top hit on google and saw no links to the actual switch music. So I present to you, the switch music:


    If that link fails try this one.

    It is a small file. Basically in the ads as you have noticed they just loop it.
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    Except that's not the real song, it's counterfeit. It's just a midi recreation that sounds like crap. I want the real thing.
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    Does this remind anyone else of the Curb Your Enthusiasm music?
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    Or like that Emily girl in Devilot's avatar. ;)

    Why is she so famous?

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