Belkin 050 question for those who have it. UPDATE!

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by JMies419, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. JMies419, Feb 28, 2012
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    So I received my clear/blacktop Belkin 050 case today from Amazon and man am I dissapointed! I want to try to get some feedback from those with this case to try and determine if maybe I just got a bad case or what. Here is my issue with the case...

    Very poor fitment! The case buldges away from the iphone near the volume +/- buttons! You can actually see a gap where the bottons on, it does not fit right AT ALL!

    I was wondering if anyone else who has this case seems to have this problem to? Is this just the way the case fits or is mine a bad one? If this does not sound common I am going to contact belkin for a replacement...if not I am returning it ASAP! Hope I can get some input on this from you all, thanks!
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    Feb 10, 2011
    Sounds like a bad one. Mine fits fine
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    I agree with the above poster. You must have gotten a bad one. Mine fits absolutely perfect all the way around; no gaps anywhere; snaps on nice and tight; buttons/ports all line up perfectly; buttons are nice and responsive.

    There are a lot of counterfeit cases out there mimicking a lot of different brands & models, but the quality on the counterfeits is typically very poor. Could this be the case with yours? At any rate, I would return it and, if you can, get one directly from an Apple retail store.
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    Mine fits my 4s perfectly but when I try it on my 4, there are fitment issues.
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    I purchased the case from and it shipped directly from amazon. I requested a warrenty replacement from Belkin directly so I guess if they have it in stock they will ship it out to me. I should know more tomorrow I would think, hopefully they have it and can ship out immediatly. I just have to return the one I got today from amazon to Belkin within 20 days. Hoping the new one fits better because aside from the buldge on the side I really like the looks and feel of this case.
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    Belkin 050 case from Apple Store fit is perfect

    Both of the Belkin 050 cases I bought at the Apple Store fit perfectly. Makes me wonder if Amazon (that I buy from all the time and even purchased an annual membership in Amazon prime) has some gray merchandise. I've often wondered how their pricing can be so much less than list on recently released products. Let us know what Belkin says.
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    That is what I am starting to think, "gray merchandise". I had another problem with a Speck Pixelskin HD case for my phone that I got from amazon too...did not fit right at all. The Belkin 050 that I received from amazon fits terrible, but the 050 that I tried on at Target (purple/pink color 050) fit like a glove. The reason I ordered it from amazon was because they had the clear/blacktop that I wanted. I am starting to get kinda weary of amazon honestly.

    Instead of returning it to Amazon I contacted Belkin and they sent me out a brand new replacement case today. I just have to send them my current case from amazon when I receive it. When I get my replacement from Belkin I will comment back on the fitment of it, but I think it will end up being perfect.
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    Received my replacement case from Belkin today and just put it on the phone. Fits like a glove compared to the case I received from Amazon. Complete night and day in regards to fit AND finish. The case from Amazon was put together kind of roughly, the seams between the black and clear parts were jagged and had a good amount of flashing on one side. The case directly from Belkin direct is pretty much perfect. There is also a breast difference in color on the volume +/- buttons which is strange as well.

    Is amazon selling "grey merchandise" regularly? I don't know but I think in my case I did get some. Very disappointed with amazon but Belkin customer service came through and resolved the issue with a perfect case. This one might be a keeper!
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    Good to know - although disconcerting

    Also impressive that Belkin replaced the one you bought on Amazon. They're probably looking into where the "Belkin" merchandise selling on Amazon is coming from.
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    Feb 1, 2012
    Good to see they took care of u
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    Oct 12, 2011
    Glad to hear about Belkin taking care of you.
    I was a bit surprised to find out you received the case in that condition from Amazon. I just purchased the clear/blacktop case from Amazon and I was really impressed with the way the case fits my 4s.

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