Belkin Access Folio Stand Review

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by wesk702, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. wesk702, Apr 10, 2011
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    They just had these in at Fry’s over the weekend. Here’s some pics.
    The case and quality is really nice. The fit is really tight similar to the original ipad 1 case. Very tough to get out once in. The build quality is really nice.
    The only thing I didn’t like is that the outer pocket added a little bit of bulk. On the other hand, the pocket is pretty nice if you need it. The color is exactly how it’s depicted in the pictures on the site.
    Pretty awesome case overall.

    Update: the headphone hole does not align up very well. Could be the dealbreaker.

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    Sorry bout the upside down one. I’ll flip it back later

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    Is this the grey or black version? I ordered it from Best Buy but it's not out yet here in Canada unless I'm looking at the wrong locations.
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    The whole thing looks... sloppy? It looks very generic and not well-tailored to the device.
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    It does look sloppy. and it makes it so thick as well.

    The generic :apple: case for iPad 1 had its flaws but seems better than this to me.
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    I personally went with this case: It does look much better IRL then auction pics, very good fit and overall quality, adds very little bulk, does have magnets for sleep/wake. I got it very fast too, like in two business days.
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    Black and gray woven. It's actually very well made. It's just the pocket I don't really like.
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    I picked up the Flip Folio from Fry's on Saturday, and I have the same problem. None of the top holes align to the button, mic or headphone jack. There is really nothing that keeps the iPad from sliding to the left, the flap doesn't have any velcro.
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    Yeah just returned mine for the folio stand. Much better without a pocket but the headphone hole is irritating
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    Thats a lil too baller for me. ;-) I wish the cheapo amazon cases would be compatible with the smartcovers. good review tho miss.
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    Anytime me lady

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