Belkin Auto Kit Line Out Compatibility?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by NightStorm, Jul 1, 2007.

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    Has anyone been able to get their iPhone to work properly with the line out functionality of the Belkin Auto Kit, or similar accessory? Mine seems to charge the battery, but there is no sound coming out of the line out port on the adapter. I use this with my Nano to feed directly into the AUX port in my 2006 Civic and it works really well.
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    I have the same adapter, and I've experienced the same problem. I just bought the thing like 2-3 weeks ago, and I'm surprised it doesn't work. My iPhone gives me a message that it's not a supported device.

    Man, I finally start to get some of my car's cable management under control, and one of my accessories needs to be replaced.. grr..

    The ONLY other device out there that I know of that does the same thing is this one from Monster Cable:

    I am guessing it'll do the same thing as the Belkin. My only "problem" with it is that the audio jack is on the dock connector and not on the ligher plug end like the Belkin (which is why I got the Belkin over the Monster Cable one).
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    it's nothing to do with belkin

    the iPhone does not emit sound thru the bottom. That's why no sound. You can use the jack but will need the adapter to fit the new design. I'm getting two right now!

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    If that's the case, why did Apple put a line-out on the dock they included with the iPhone?
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    Not true. It has line out. Works fine with my Altec Lansing IM3s. I suspect there is a mode signal not being asserted by the dock device. My car's dock adapter (through the CD changer port to the head, BMW), will not switch off the internal speaker on the iPhone, and no line-out. My 80GB 5G iPod (and 4th) work fine.

    My educated guess at this point is some devices tell the iPhone it's docked, some don't. It's moot with an iPod, as it doesn't have a speaker and apparently has it's line out enabled all the time.

    Going to give the shop who did the car dock install and see if they have any ideas. I probably will wait until there's a plug&play solution, and not "re-wire" the car dock cable unless necessary.

    The Apple dock doesn't switch out the internal speaker until you plug something into the 3.5mm jack on the dock. If they have the line-out signal available on the dock's dock connector, a stop-gap solution might be to leave something plugged into the 3.5mm jack and plug the car cable into the Apple dock. It's just a thought - might try it later. Obviously, if this works, it's just temporary until I get a dock cable adapter or new car interface.

    I'm not totally "down" in the car, as I still have my iPod. But, on short trips the iPhone has plenty of room for my music and I'd have the phone function integrated with my car audio (at least for auto fade-in/out).
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    I plugged my iPhone into one of those "made for iPod clock stand things with a remote" (the iHome2Go seen here:

    I got the same "not designed for iPhone" message, but then I pressed Play on the dock and everything worked fine. No sound coming out of the iPhone's built-in speaker, just the dock's speakers as one would want.

    So I don't get it with the Belkin car cable. I hope someone comes up with an iPhone friendly version very soon!
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    Got that message in both situations (car and the Altec Lansing IM3). It's just to give you the option to shut off the cell phone, in case it interferes with the amp/speakers. Setting doesn't affect the audio out, unfortunately (tried both in car).

    I know the cell will affect the Altec Lansings, as I always hear the "pre-ring" interference from my RAZR. My car isn't a problem - worked fine with iPods and cell phone nearby.
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    Sorry--my mistake

    Sorry about the Belkin Auto. Here's why i said it--mine woud not work and I saw something on another posting somewhere saying the sound was not outputted thru the bottom.

    But my iFi works just fine, and my iGroove, both by Klispsh, thru the dock. So it must be something about the Belkin dock connection that either Apple has changed for the iPhone or Belkin engineered differently.


    I did get the new Belkin Headphone Adapter to try to use my iPhone in the car using the headphone jack and it works, sortof, but the sound level is very very low (full volume on my Accord is just barely audible). So there is something going on. (In this set up I'm charging using the Belkin but sending sound in via the Belkin new Adapter and a Headphone cable).

    I have an Honda Civic with a headphone jack input and it works fine with the Belkin Headphone Adapter (I used to have the headphone cable go into a Belkin).
    Having success with that, I tried the Honda Accord again (it did not come with a headphone jack input so I have a different set up but it ends up with a headphone in). It now works. Difference: I had turned up the volume on the iPhone/iPod section to maximum. I had forgotten to do that and even when it looks 3/4 on, it's pretty low because Apple does the log volume thing.

    So I'm happy.

    Adapter was on sale at Apple Store at Mall of America. See
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    Off topic, but where did you purchase the adapter?
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    I bought one at Best Buy a while back.
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    I have one of the older White auto kits from Belkin. When I plug it in, I get the message that it's not made for the iPhone. It DOES however work. BUT, I have a new black model of the Auto Kit, it's the exact same thing, and it will not work with the iPhone. I bought the black one only because my white one worked, but the connector was coming loose. I've REALLY disappointed the old one works, and the newer one doesn't!
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    Now thats interesting... well it is to me at least :p

    A few months ago I sold my ipod and gave all my accessories, including my awsome 2 year old 'white' belkin auto kit to my sister, it worked great, and i had the loose connector thing, but I had no use for it anymore, and she loves it.

    Then I bought the iPhone on a whim, and wanted my trusty belkin back, so I went and bought the black one @ Target..... plug it in, and.... :( I wonder what is different in the new versions than the old ones? Maybe we should contact Belkin to find out? I hope they fix this issue, because the thing was sooooooo convenient, and would be even better with the iPhone. Maybe Belkin could even put some shielding in it to get rid of the 'buzzing GSM sound' this thing puts out. Now that I would buy :D
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    When you say "older" what do you mean by that? I have one that is almost three years old - got it late 04. I've been holding off on the iPhone because there isn't a point to having a convergence device if I'm still carrying around the same things, and the BAK is integral to my old rig. This could make me very happy indeed. Also, are you getting much feedback while using the BAK? I keep my current ATT cell next to the iPod while it's in the holder and I only get occasional interference.
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    Wow, that's interesting... my white one doesn't work; I don't even think it pops up a message. I wonder if/when they would have changed them.
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    Here's the deal with the audio out through the dock connecter. It does have audio out. If you look at the dock that came with your iPhone there's a 3.5mm jack on the dock. However for whatever reason (I'm sure Apple has good one, and I have a few theories), the iPhone won't play nice with iPod docks.

    I doubt it's a glitch and I doubt it's something Apple will remedy via software update but who knows.

    Manufacturers need to study the iPhone dock that came with the iPhone and use that as a map to create new iPhone compatible audio out accessories.

    That or the consumer can try to figure out a way to use the original iPhone dock in a very custom way so that it becomes a car dock. (in dash or what have ya). I plan on doing just that in the meantime.
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    The white Belkin I'm using with the iPhone that works is at least 3 years old, maybe 4. I purchased this shortly after it was released for the line out feature. I LOVE this thing. I get zero ground noise, using either a cassette adapter, or now my new stereo has an aux port on the front. I use the Belkin line out, directly to the aux, and get amazing sound in the car.

    The trick is on the old white unit, is to make sure the music is playing, then plug it in. The message will come up saying it's not compatible, I select NO to switching into Airplane mode, and it works brilliantly with the iPhone. I wish I knew if it was the connector that stops the black model from working, or the plug electronics. My guess is the connector.

    My wife has an old white Belkin too, and the plug is in worse shape then mine, so I bought her a new black one too, thinking it would work... grrr... I'm going to try her white one tomorrow and see if it works like mine does.

    There HAS to be a simple answer to this, since some work and some don't.
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    it looks like Belkin went and changed the design or wiring of these somehow -- at least between the Black and White versions, though I would expect that newer White ones show the same problem...

    Which really sucks; it surprises me that there's only 2 or 3 car adapters *ever* that grab the audio output from the Dock connector, and most of them don't seem to work with the iPhone!

    I bought my black Belkin one so I could get all of my wiring tucked away into a compartment, and only have to plug in the dock connector when I wanted to listen to the iPod. It works great with my iPod, but gosh it would be nice if it was iPhone friendly.

    I'm really hoping Apple can do something in a Software Update, so we all don't have to run out and buy new adapters (if and when they show up)
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    I actually wrote Belkin, explaining this issue, that my old white version works, and the new black one does not. I asked if they had changed any internal workings, and their response to me was...

    <<Thank you for contacting Belkin Technical support

    The design of the cable is the same only the color changes.

    Please call 1-800-223-5546 ex-2263 for assistance or Technical Support>>

    So, I'm going to actually call them to see what they say!
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    yep, i wrote them as well, same response i got :D
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    I called today. The tech support is obviously outsourced, because I had a VERY hard time understanding the tech with the eastern accent. Anyway, he had no idea why it doesn't work, only saying if the older models do work, they may have made a minor change to the circuit board. I also asked if the same model was planned to work with the iPhone, and he said they have heard nothing about this yet. :(

    I wish I knew what it is exactly, and I'd mod the new one to work. :mad:
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    OK, for the sake of "science" I decided to take apart an older model auto kit, and a new model kit to see if there was any difference, since Belkin told me there was not. THEY LIED. Go figure. Here's what I found...

    The newer model (black one) has a chip installed to the dock connector, where the old one is direct.

    I went ahead and cut the cables, and swapped out the old for the new, to see if the new model would work with an old connector... Nope. It didn't, so there's something different in the auto plug end circuitry. I read on another site, someone mentioned a "hack" to the belkin to make it work... Here it is, but I'm not quite sure I understand this...

    <<The Belkin Auto Kit for iPod with Dock Connector will only POWER the iPhone unless you "hack" it by opening the case and cutting the WHITE accessory wire (connecting from the circuit board to the iPhone - cable). The white wire is (by means of a resistor) tells a iPod what kind of accessory "it" is - in the case of the Belkin the iPhone only "sees" it as a charger and disables the line out. Severing the white wire fools the iPhone into thinking the iPhone is a iPOD and both charges and enables line out. So far as I can see no ill effect (except the airplane mode warning - dismiss it).

    I am guessing this is the same for the "cable" try cutting the white wire (by opening the cable just before the connector - you can seal it back up with white electrical tape or white heat shrink tape).

    This is the link the the 30 pin connector. If you count the pins you could just "break off" pin 21 in the connector also.>>

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    Interesting... I think I'll take a look at doing this myself!
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