Belkin Clear Plastic Case. It stinks, yeah?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by plaine300, Jun 29, 2007.

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    So this thing doesn't fit in the dock. That kinda stinks, as its a bit difficult to take apart and doesn't feel like its made too sturdy. Wish I would have gone with the leather one.
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    I got it and I like it. Yeah it sucks because you cant dock with it on, but Im not to keen on docks anyway. I will just lay the phone flat.
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    apple gives you two weeks to return/exchange. go back and get the one you want.
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    most cases aren't going to work with the dock. i really like this case. traded the isee case which sucked for this one.
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    Really? How does the Belkin one differ from the iSee Contour one? I'm using the iSee right now and I really like it. Though, in all honesty, I have nothing to compare it to.
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    Is this the one wiht the built in stand? I wanted that one, but had to buy the iSee which SUCKS!
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    want one?

    I'm happy to sell my, half price if interested. I gave it a second day in court, thinking I could get around the dock issue, BUT, i ignored the obvious, perhaps. That is, the the thing really makes dirt visible. Pocket crumbs. I put it in my pocket today to go out, pulled it out and had flashes of what my current Apple keyboard looks like if I turn it upside down. All sorts of dirt, debris, lint. Gathers in it and is of course visible. Sure, you can take the case off and clean it, but given its construction, seems like its gonna crack at any given moment.

    If anyone ones one (used once!), lemme know, happy to part with my for half price, although i no longer have the original packaging.
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    Sounds like you've got some abnormally dirty pockets. :)
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    He is right about the dirt. It shows the crud inside the case, especially around the bezel.
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    Not a big deal in my opinion. Just take it out of the case once a week, wipe it and done.
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    Did that right after posting. Now I notice it doesn't quiet snap together as well as the first time. Me thinks after a few times the "snap" will be gone.

    Heres to waiting for the iSkin one.
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    yeah, that plastic won't last if you clean the thing regularly... oh well. will go without or wait for a new/better one. my wife has the leather case, it seems pretty cool. i hope she doesn't see my posts here, or i'll never live it down that she made a wiser purchase than me, haha.

    i should have known better, my apple keyboard is a buffet of crumbs and hair. pretty gross actually, but it beats anything PC design has come up with (ex: black).

    this phone is truly amazing.
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    i'd rather have crumbs than dents

    I agree that there are some crumb/lint issues with this case but it does serve its purpose. It also looks good in my opinion. I know I'm going to be greatfull that I have this case when I drop it for the first time. It is kind of sketchy to open it because you don't know if it will crack or not. This product has its pros and cons.
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    I just took mine off for good I think. Small amounts of lint and dirt were getting in and leaving small dimples on the back in the aluminum
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    I bought it and don't care for it. I will keep it though. I think it will be useful when I fly (at least once a month) to use the easel feature to watch a movie or TV show.

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