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iPad mini Belkin Fast Fit for the Mini

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Dgail, May 8, 2013.

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    Any one seen this keyboard cover live? Seems that Belkin has not released this in the States, though it comes up in some international private sale sites. Thanks!
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    looks promising from the video. from the looks of it, you need to have a bare mini to be able to use it. you can't have a case or anything.
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    Protection with a iPad mini keyboard case

    I use a thin skin on the back of my iPad mini, does not interfere with the magnetic mechanism. I have a padded compartment of my bag, so do not use a sleeve (Tom Bihn Risetto for the iPad).
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    What keyboard allows you to use a separate case? :confused:

    Odds are, you'll be able to use a skin on the back and a screen protector.
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    I haven't seen it.
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    logitech ultrathin keyboard works great with a smart cover + back cover

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