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Belkin Grip Vue at Fry's Electronics - $29.99

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ijen0311, May 23, 2010.

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    Just sharing. Found one in stores, they had purple, black, and clear. :D
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    I picked up a clear the other day to tide me over until my Vaja case arrives. So far I've been extremely impressed with it. Feel and quality seems better than many more expensive cases!
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    Hey Jen which Frys did you see them at?
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    San Diego has them, or at least they did a few days ago when I got mine.

    Plus, you can ooh and ahh at the display of cases of Coca-Cola that spells "Fry's"...
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    Atlanta for me. :D
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    Did they have a bunch? Which atlanta store, alpharetta or gwinnett?

    I'm going to try the Alpharetta store hopefully they have one.
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    You can check availability at your local store on the Fry's web site.
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    Is the clear one that they sell at Fry's the new revision?
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    Don't forget Micro Center. The Duluth one had a variety of cases at the weekend.
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    How does one check?

    I can say that this fit and finish on the one I purchased are excellent, all the necessary holes line up perfectly. I personally don't see much room for improvement.

    I purchased mine at the Fry's in El Segundo, CA and they had a ton of them in stock.
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    Not sure, but it's identical to the one I bought at the Apple store.
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    New revision has more of a blue tone to it. Also, it doesnt wrap around onto the ipad bezel as much as the old one. Old one tends to start getting a yellowish tone after a few weeks of usage...
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    I like the Belkin Grip View

    I purchased one I think about a week after the WiFi iPad release from the Apple Store near me. How can I tell if I received an original one or the newer type? I really like the case when using the iPad around the home. Outside the home it's a different story.

    Are there any good images of the two comparing them.

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    I hope you are enjoying the new case!
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    I picked up the clear Grip Vue at Fry's in Alpharetta, GA today, and I actually got it to squeeze into the Marware Eco-Vue.
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    I do babe! :D
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    I returned the apple case for the belkin skin. The skin makes the ipad feel heavy but it is smooth and has a great grip!
    Best case I've seen
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    Possibly the sku has changed?

    Here are two that were purchased from Fry's this week -


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    How is that working? Can you still take out the iPad easily? I'm thinking of that set up so that I can pull out the iPad once in a while and use it without the case but still have it protected by the Belkin.
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    1 clear left in Woodland Hills, CA

    I picked up the other. They were located in the Apple computer accessories section.

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    Crap! I paid $50.
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    I sure hope not -- I don't even see the value at 29 -- perhaps 19.
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    Austin, TX Fry's has plenty in the Clear color.

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