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Belkin Pleated Sleeve for iPad

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by testcard, May 30, 2010.

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    Lots of threads on the Belkin Grip Vue, but can't find anything on the Belkin Pleated Sleeve. Anyone got one?
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    I've one and it is not too bad. Bought it as a stop gap but it has grown on me. It is just a sleeve which zips shut with a pocket on the front that also zips shut. The pleats give the pocket room to expand. The sleeve zip closes well with little to no chance of scratching the pad. It has a limited amount of padding - enough to withstand a short drop but not much more I'd wager. Offers good protection otherwise though. The only thing that cases of it's type don't do is provide protection for forces directly onto the screen. For this reason I wouldn't put the charging transformer in the pleated pocket screen side up and throw it all in my bag.

    As a bonus I also use the grip vue. And the iPad fits inside the pleated sleeve with it on. I am pretty happy with the combo.

    Edit: aesthetically it is pretty meh. Neat. Tidy. Looks like what it is. A tech product sleeve.
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    As above I also have this case. I bought it off Amazon on May 10th when I had just preordered my iPad. It was less than £14, so I felt pretty damn pleased with myself yesterday when I saw the exact same case in PC World for £29.99!

    It's a simple case but I personally like Belkin products, I wanted a simple and understated zip case and this is perfect for me. Quality is good. It suits my needs as all I wanted was a lightly padded case to protect my iPad when I throw it into my backpack etc. Oh, and is also good because it will (just about) fit an iPad with skin or back protector fitted.
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    Thanks for the quick replies guys. I think the Belkin is going to be my first purchase for my new iPad. Now the search begins for the perfect stand ;)
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    Seeing as there are killer-folio's now and I don't want to settle for a mediocre product, I decided to buy this one also (the purple version :) ). Doesn't have an absurd price and will do for carrying the iPad around.

    Looks decent, can't say much about it though, because I haven't received my iPad yet.
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    I love this sleeve, fits perfectly. Anyone has tried to insert an iPad with a case on it yet? Would love to get some suggestions.
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    Succumbed, and bought one yesterday. Very pleased so far, and I think there's room for an iPad skin or equivalent - I'm already considering an Incase Grip Protective Cover.
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    I use a Belkin Grip Vue case and it fits perfectly into the sleeve, I am really happy with the combo.
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    Where did you get yours? I ordered one yesterday from Carphone Warehouse. Everywhere seems to be out of stock!
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    A larger branch of PC World. Amazon were out of stock and not showing a likely delivery date.
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    I ordered one from carphone warehouse on Tuesday and it came today. Quite pleased with it as it is just what I wanted nice fit but I don't think it would fit with a folio on the iPad.
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    Thanks for the thread, I was looking into this and came across here first.
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    That's okay, I'm not planning on having anything on the iPad. :)
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    After a couple of days with the Belkin Pleat Sleeve, I decided I didn't like it. The pleats attract dirty and it's a bit more bulky than I was hoping. I've swapped it for the Griffin Jumper, which I am very pleased with.

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