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Bernard Manning's Dead

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mrfrosty, Jun 18, 2007.

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    Good! One less bigot on the planet.
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    Oh dear... shame. What's for dinner?
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    My only hope is that he was kicked to death by a gang of homosexual asian mother-in-laws.
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    Police social clubs thrown into chaos.(although they still have Jim Davidson,more's the shame).
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    Well done.
    You know his routine wasn't his actual self? I've met him many times and he's a regular friendly person. I thought it was well known he was putting on a show :confused: Next you'll be telling me Dame Edna is a woman :D

    It's a shame though. In a world gone just a little too politically correct it was nice to have a big of rude humour once in a while.
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    So you're saying that it's ok to act like a racist and make people from ethnic backgrounds a target for your humour as long as you don't really mean it? His material was clearly representative of his actual views.
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    Although I was never a fan, I wasn't particularly bothered by him either. He was a Shock Comedian, and his jokes and jibes went out in all directions. He probably had a good old poke at Fat Bigoted Northerners too .

    Ah well. Roy Chubby Brown will make a few quid out of it anyway.
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    Seeing as he came from one of the backgrounds that he just to 'poke fun at' i dont see the problem.

    It's a shame to loose any life, he will be missed.
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    For the most part in his case I couldn't agree more.
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    I think you mean a world where offensive homophobia, racism, nationalism, and blatant misoygyny isn't applauded anymore? What a shame for the rest of us.
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    "Like him or loathe him there was no way of ignoring him"
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    who was he?

    chinese... i dreamt that i was eating roasted pork... *drool* care to join?
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    Linda Smith dead at 48
    Bill Hicks dead at 32

    Bernard Manning dead at 76

    not really fair is it
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    No, it's not. But at least he wrote his own obituary.;)
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    Definitely not Linda Smith still greatly missed.
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    And Bill Hicks, too. And the great Mitch Herberg.

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