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Best Android phone in mid-September?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by jason2811, Jul 30, 2012.

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    I have an iPhone 4S and was considering buying the next iPhone that comes out but it seems a little disappointing based on the rumors. I had an Droid Incredible before the 4S so I'm familiar with Android phones. I also plan on sticking with Verizon. So with that being said,

    what is the best Android phone that will be out on the market in mid-September? I'm looking for something with great battery life.

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    Watch out for the note 2. Could release next month.
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    Probably the Galaxy S3or the Galaxy Nexus. Both are on Verizon and both will be getting 4.1 Jelly Bean. I've read the Galaxy Nexus doesn't have the best battery though.

    I also might suggest waiting for the next iPhone because it may turn out that you like it.


    Not necessarily on Verizon though.
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    The SP's you suggested are out. OP wants an upcoming phone. Good point on the note, must have skipped over that.
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    Nothing has really been rumored to be coming out in September besides the iPhone. The Note 2 will likely be for AT&T. Even if something new does come out in September, the iPhone, S3, and Gnex will likely be the best phones available on Verizon.
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    The Galaxy S3, hands down. I would say the Note 2 but I have no clue whether it will be on Verizon. (I'm hoping! I want it!)
    There are no new upcoming phones that I know of that will be better than the GS3, other than the new Nexus (October.)
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    I didnt want to start another thread but i want to know if anyone has used/owned a Nokia Lumia 710 or a HTC Radar?
    I know both are on T-Mobile so responses may be slim but i want to maybe get a Windows phone to mess with from eBay and eventually give it to the Wife and i think both are nice but the Lumia has a small 1300 mAH battery and think it wont be good. The HTC is 1520.

    Anybody got some experience with either?


    Actually T-Mobile has a HTC One X+ rumored to be coming out in Sept. Its a reved up version of the HTC X on AT&T and has a Tegra 3, 1.7 Ghz quad core.

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    I am very much on the same boat, waiting for Apple to unveil the new iPhone before picking up a Galaxy S3. It is really the best phone in the market right now imo.
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    The new Nexus should pop up on its slightly less then one year cycle around that time. No idea what it's going to offer besides a new version of Android.
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    I would say the galaxy note 2, the new nexus, and the meizu MX quad core!
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    I can't remember where I read it, but motorola is supposed to be coming out with a new phone with an hd display sometime this fall.
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    Is it still coming out? A search tells me it was supposed to be out in June, 30. Nevermind, just available in HK and China.

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