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Best back cover to accompany the Smart Cover?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by macbookpro45, Oct 2, 2011.

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    I'm looking for something to add back protection with the smart cover. What's the best option?

    I have already looked at the Switcheasy Coverbuddy, but I'm seeing if there is anything better for under $30.
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    There isnthe zum back which many people like. It is available from amazon and there is a thread on it. It locks the smart cover on. I have the macally smartcase and it also is a back which locks the smart cover on. It has a nice grippy feel to it.
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    I use the zum when I've traveling so I don't drop it at an airport.

    At home I like to take the smartcover off sometimes so I use a plastic back and smartcover - these are very high quality and all of $2 or so. I buy them 3 at a time - replace every 45 days when they get scratched a bit..

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    I strongly recommend zum sc ultimate. see my review

    I have used it for more than 2 weeks. Love it!!
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    I have this one from Bear Motion. I believe it's made in China and sold by various vendors. Very good protection and good looking leather in various colors. (See url at the end of this post.)

    I purchased one at an introductory price of $3 and was unable to get my iPad 2 to fit. Gave it a bad review on Amazon and planned to return it. To the company's credit, I was contacted within hours with an offer to replace the cover. They sent me a new one. Same story. Couldn't get the iPad into the cover. To my surprise they insisted on sending me a third one. Success. For the record, others have mentioned that it's a tight fit but once it's on...it is ON!

    It now sells for $20 and does an excellent job of protecting the iPad. I glued this piece of metal to the back (from a feeler gauge) and the SmartCover is held in place magnetically.

    I mention this one mainly because I've literally NEVER had a vendor so committed to making me happy. I was willing to let $3 purchase go but Bear Motion was not. If you buy from them they'll make you happy.

    I've also used the Speck back protector (clear polycarbonate). Main advantage is the small piece of metal on the case that holds the SmartCover in place when it's folded back. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it. Scratched very easily.

    The other case I've used is from ENKI. (www.enkigear.com). Made in Michigan if you care about "made in USA." Thicker than the Speck and it doesn't scratch easily. Took them awhile to get their ****** together when they introduced the case but sent me a reworked version free of charge. It's a very good case.


    P.S. The ZUM and MacAlley cases appear to be very good and unlike the cases above, they eliminate the risk of dropping the iPad if you accidentally try to pick it up by the SmartCover. On the other hand, that eliminates one of the benefits of the SmartCover, imo: the easily detachable screen cover. If you're willing to give up that feature to avoid the risk, the ZUM looks like a winner.
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    I love my Zum Ultimate better than life!!! It is absolute perfection!!!!
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    What material is the zum ultimate? Is it a soft back or a hard TPU type back? And by soft I mean soft to the touch, obviously not literally soft
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    Hard to the touch but a smooth surface, not clammy or sticky
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    I like the ZUM ultimate & S.E. coverbuddy, but I'm not sure which one to get.
    Has anyone had both of them and can provide insight?
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    The main reason why I am recommending the zum sc ultimate case is the design. I am not sure if you are aware of the accidental detachment issue of the smart cover. It will cause significant damage to the iPad 2. The zum case can prevent this. The other cases do not have the smart cover lock to secure the smart cover with the iPad 2. Thats the major difference.

    I have been using it since i got my ipad2. i really love it so far.

    good luck!!
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    No negative comment about the ZUM case intended but as noted in a post above, one sacrifices one feature of the SmartCover with it. The elimination of "accidental" detachment also eliminates "easy" intentional detachment of the SmartCover. It's definitely a "case" (sorry) of personal preference. :D
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    amen...some of us want the cover to come off at times, so I use both...the zum feature should not be construed as the end all/cure all to a problem that is not one for some of us...
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    Totally agree. It's all about personal preference. I will keep the smart cove and ZUM case on since I got it. I just don't want to take any risk especially my 5 year old can access to it any time!
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    The need to protect one's property from a rampaging five year old is a completely reasonable justification. :D
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    i've been happy with the belkin clear one. it protects well, is minimalist, and works well with the smart cover. it is also inexpensive :)
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    It looks like the ZUM case and others fix what I didn't like about the back covers I have looked at, which was that when folded as a stand the back case made too much leverage on the smart cover and it would come off. I like to use my iPad without the smart cover attached though, not sure it its a pain to remove with the ZUM case or not. I just got a Zagg Leatherskin in poly to match the smart cover and its great. I wanted something to avoid the fine scratches from normal use, not so much for protection from drops or anything.

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    I'm kind of wondering the same thing, does the smart cover pop off if you fold it back on the ZUM ultimate case?
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    Best to use has to be the CaseBuddy iShield. It's a plastic case that will protect the back of the ipad and still let you keep the smart cover attached.

    Easy and sells for under 20 bucks.
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    They don't have casebuddy here in USA I think =/

    Does anyone have the answer to the zum ultimate question I posted?
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    Well I have used the zum case for more than 2 months (i think i need a new smart cover.. .start wearing out). I never had that problem. It works perfectly!! hope it helps!!

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    No, it does not. You would need to remove the ZUM case and then remove the smart cover. I'm pretty sure the other cases that are similar & hold the smart cover are the same way.
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    The mccallay smartcasec is the same way. You have to remove the back cover then the smart cover.
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    I received my zum case yesterday and my wife can carry the iPad in her purse. I highly recommend the zum case.

    good luck!!
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    Will go with the ZUM case thanks all

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