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Best browser for PPC?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by macmee, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Which browser do you use on your PPC Mac? I use an old version of Firefox - wish I could use Chrome.
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    "Best" is a very subjective term. It's different person to person unless you refuse to have an opinion and just follow what others say.

    You give no info at all on what CPU and OS you have so I can't recommend anything. We can't just guess what you have.
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    Zen is right... The best browser for a PowerPC Mac is based on the kind of machine you have. Me personally, I use TenFourFox, Roccat browser which does support PowerPC and is quite fast.

    Again, its based on what Mac you currently have.

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    I'm using SeaMonkey 2.0.14. For my Macs it seems to have the lowest CPU/Memory usage and I've been able to use almost all of my FF/TenFourFox plugins with it. Some, I've had to seek out equivalent types for, but it's all working.
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    Safari here : )
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    I'm on a G4 iMac running Tiger
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    G4 optimized camino here on my powerbook and G5 optimized Camino on my PowerMac G5...
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    If your on OS9 Classilla is the bomb.
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    TenFourFox (7450 version) is your best bet, I think. At any rate, you'll be a lot happier with it than FF 3.6... faster, with more features.
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    Jethryn Freyman

    TenFourFox is what I use on my G5, it'll work for you too. Give it a go!
  11. zen.state, Sep 16, 2011
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    I would try both the Camino and TenFourFox optimized 7450 builds. The 7400 build is only for the oldest of the G4's like the first 2 PowerMac G4's and the Cube. An iMac G4 would have either a 7450 or 7455 CPU and both will benfit from these builds. Same goes with the 7447 and 7448.


    Camino 7450 build found here.

    TenFourFox 7450 build found here.
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    Isn't TenFourFox though slow? I have a PowerBook G4 and I wound up using Omni's web browser and even Apple's Safari 5.0.6 feels faster on my PowerBook, while TenFourFox feels really slow and I downloaded the 7450 version as the PowerBook G4 I have uses the 1.67ghz processor.

    Now, TenFourFox for the 970MP on my G5 Quad rocks! This is fast and nice.
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    TenFourFox is not slow on any of my two PowerBooks. My problem with it is that it has high CPU and memory usage (just like Firefox) which starts my fans running pretty quickly. So I switched to SeaMonkey.
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    I tried TenFourFox for my old 17" iMac G4 and I found it slower than Safari or OmniWeb to be honest. Maybe I had the wrong version installed by I wasn't impressed by it. Now i'm exclusively using Safari 5 and it feels great, though it does lag sometimes. I might try SeaMonkey out and see how that works.
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    Omniweb is great yes but feels a bit dated. I also like Safari 5 under 10.5 but prefer Camino.
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    +1 on Camino. I am exlusively on Safari before and have tried TFF. Memory footprint for Safari and TFF are considerably larger than Camino as far as I can remember, so that is the reason for the switch to Camino.

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