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Best Buy Announces Special Two-Day iPad Trade-In Program

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 11, 2013.

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    Best Buy will be accepting iPad trade-ins this Saturday and Sunday, according to AllThingsD.

    The company is accepting 2nd or 3rd-generation iPads in exchange for gift cards starting at $200 -- though in some cases Best Buy is offering larger amounts. The trade-ins are only for Best Buy retail locations.
    Article Link: Best Buy Announces Special Two-Day iPad Trade-In Program
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    anybody have a link to the fine print?
  3. CougRon, Jul 11, 2013
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    I have an iPad2 with the glass in a corner all shattered. Think they'll take it?
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    why would anyone trade a perfectly operational, retina ipad3 for ±200$?
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    You'd be surprised how many people actually fall for this horrible "deal":confused:
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    They wouldn't nor is that what Best Buy is offering.
    The article said starting at $200. I'm sure that would be for an iPad2.
    Obviously, an iPad3 would be more.
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    You didn't want to just go to BB's site?
    Fine print link:


    They quote $220 on their online estimator for my good condition (it's near mint) ipad 3 32 gb white wifi only.
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    I'd only do it if they'd give me $400+ for my 3rd gen iPad and use that fundage for an iPad when the new line up is released.
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    Aw, come on, no iPad 1!!
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    According to best buy trade in estimator my iPad 2 64GB AT&T is only worth $190... Not 200, plus amazon will give me like $280 trade in.
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    I couldn't find the fine print for the actual trade in deal.
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    Learn to read. The article says the trade-ins start at $200, so that's probably for the iPad 2, meaning the iPad 3 would likely get you more.
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    Ya basically all the big retailer trade in deals are only good if you're desperate /lazy. Convience is nice but you'll always net more on eBay/Craigslist.
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    Their trade-in prices are crap. Just for kicks, I had the website give me an estimate for my Canon 7D and it gave me $328.86. I can easily get about $900 for this camera in a used market.
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    it says ipad 2 32gig w/3g is only worth 170!
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    It's obviously for in store trade ins only. The online quotes are different....as this doesn't happen until sat
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    The online store quotes me $180 or $126 for my 64GB WiFi iPad 2, depending on how severely they judge those tiny scratches on the back. If I can't do any better than that in the store on Sat, I'm more than likely better off to sell it privately, a hassle, I know.
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    I will trade my ipad2 for the new iPad if they will allow me to do that. They could keep the money!!
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    Blue Fox

    HAHA! Go on eBay and sell them for almost twice as much!
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    Anonymous Freak

    Wow. I like how each doubling in flash capacity only adds $5. As opposed to the $100 that same doubling cost new. (iPad 1 16GB: $90, 32GB: $95, 64GB: $100.)
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    This sounds like a pretty outstanding deal... for Worst Buy.
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    I wouldn't bother.
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    I can't believe anyone could even think this was a semi good deal. I have a mint retina 3 that I will be putting on CL at end of the summer...and it'll see on the 1st day for a lot more then $200.
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    Some of these retailers like best buy have been making bank with these trade in programs for iphones and ipads. Why someone would trade in a working ipad 2 or 3 for just $200 is insane. Could get more on ebay or craigslist. Hell even if you list in your local paper, you could get more.

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