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Best Buy has a new sale this week....

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by idencustom, Aug 12, 2012.

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    The MBA student saving is only 50 bucks. How long does this sale go for? The week?
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    WOW... buy buy buy!
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    Does this sale go all this week?
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    1) is it only work in store to get edu discount?

    2) Tax free week for all states?
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    In New York, yes. But fat chance in other states like Pennsylvania or California. They don't give nothing away.
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    Has anyone confirmed that they will accept the $100 off student discount in addition to the sale price? It states on the coupon "Not valid with any other coupons, offers or discounts."
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    I was 40 min away from Wilmington, DE today so I went down to get this deal. I got the 13" Macbook Air for $999. The student $100 off does work.

    With the purchase, I guess we also get 1000 rewards points, so that's an extra $50 gift card. So I replaced my mid 2009 Air with this one for $949. I feel like this is a great deal. $200 cheaper than Apple's own educational discounted Air.
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    This really is an excellent deal with the student discount. I'm trying to get my finances together and should be picking up the 13" Air by the end of the week. If you were holding out for a good deal on the Air, I suggest you jump on this one.
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    Excellent! Did you have to do anything other than just let them know you had the coupon or have anything overridden by a manager?
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    Nope it doesn't cause any problems at all. I just went up to the cashier and it scans fine. No mess, no managers.

    Great deal. I was planning on waiting for a 13" Retina, but this deal made me go for it right away. Thanks to OP again.
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    Thanks for the head up op,might go buy my first Mac this coming weekend.Super Excited
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    but u can't get 8GB...
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    I'm really having a tough time deciding between the base 13.3" MBA and the base 13.3" MBP because of the ram. At least the ram can be upgraded on the MBP to 16gb pretty cost effectively by the user later. The hard drive being upgradable is also nice so you can switch to an SSD later and not be stuck with a 128gb.

    I can't justify spending more than the base models at this time and with this deal it's a good time to decide and buy.
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    Is this a hint of things to come??
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    To go in debt for this? Hmm...
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    Did you have to show your student ID at the store?
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    are you sure? i can't find any information online about tax free weekend in nyc.

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    If you guys need a copy of the "back to school" coupon, I would be more than happy to post it here.
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    No. Just go to the one of the links above and put in your edu address. It will email you a printable coupon. This deal is simple.

    13" MBP is also on sale, for same price. But that thing is ugly and the display really sets it back.
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    at BB it is 250 points for a $5 gift card, so 1,000 points is only $20.
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    What's the expiration date on the coupon?

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