Best Buy iPhone return/exchange policy?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sdilley14, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Feb 8, 2007
    I am wondering if anyone could give me some insight on Best Buy's return/exchange policy on iPhones. I know they give you 30 days to try the phone and return it if you aren't satisfied. I am getting close to the 30 day mark. Here is my issue...

    At first the battery life seemed phenomenal. After a few weeks it fell off a cliff. I did some tweaks the last couple days and I thought I did enough to improve the battery to the point that I found it acceptable. Now, a couple days later, we're back to watching the battery power just tick away. I am down about 23% this morning with roughly 2 hours of regular use. My first couple weeks with the phone I would have only been down 10-15% at most at this point.

    I am wondering if it is worth it to go in and exchange this phone for another, considering I'm still in the 30 day period. Or if they would even do a straight exchange like that without having to pay a "restocking fee" or something like that? FWIW, I have a couple very minor scuffs on the back as well (I got a case to cover the back, but it took too long to arrive), so it'd be nice to get a replacement so I don't have to look at those scuffs anymore. :)
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    Don't watch your phone's battery life run low, it will last longer.

    Best Buy has no restocking fees, and will accept your return as long as you have all of the original contents.
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    Haha, well I don't literally sit there and check it every 5 minutes. But every 30min-hour I look at it. I was surprised to see how quickly it has been dropping, especially considering how strong it was at first. I guess I don't know if my expectations were a little inflated because it was performing so well at first, or if this is cause for concern. And since I'm still in my 30 day window, I figured I should explore all options while I still can.

    3 hours of regular useage, down 35%. :( It's at 65% now...a week or two ago it would still be at 85%-80% at the very least. :/
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    I was told that the iPhone has a 14 day return window. You may want to call the store to double check that.
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    The guy that sold it to me said 30 days, but I'll call this afternoon and check it out.
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    I'm pretty sure 14 days is the time that you can return and cancel your new contract without ETF. If just returning the phone you have 30 days.
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    I have 45 days to returns phones. I have a RZ Silver Membership though.
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    You can easily determine this for yourself. Restore as new and monitor battery life in stock form. If it's much better then hardware isn't the issue and a replacement won't help. Standard troubleshooting.
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    Do they also charge a restocking fee?
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    Just exchange it. The phone is defective or go to an Apple store they will exchange it even after a 11 months if it develops a defect.

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