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Best Buy Offering iPad (3rd Gen) for $50 Off with $75 Gift Card

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 21, 2012.

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    Best Buy is offering the previous generation iPad 3 for $50 off and a free $75 Best Buy Gift Card for today only. The specific models offered are:

    - iPad Wi-Fi/64GB/Black for $649.99 and $75 Gift Card
    - iPad Wi-Fi/32GB White for $549.99 and $75 Gift Card
    - iPad Wi-Fi/32GB/Black for $549.99 and $75 Gift Card

    Note that this is not the most recent generation iPad, so the $50 off price is a little disingenuous. If you are willing to purchase a refurbished iPad, these models are available from Apple's online store for deeper discounts.

    Article Link: Best Buy Offering iPad (3rd Gen) for $50 Off with $75 Gift Card
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    Looks tempting!
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    That's a good observation that getting the same model as a refurb from Apple is a few bucks cheaper. Saves the hassle of waiting for Best Buy to come around with a gift card too.
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    Great Deal! If anybody is on the ropes, this should motivate you. :D
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    At least bb is trying. Now if only they can fix their customer relations.
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    I think they will have better BF deals...$40-$60 off, including the new models! I was lucky enough to have premier silver status and got in on their early preview on Monday...$60 off any iPad! I ordered a 4th gen 16GB white WiFi iPad which gets delivered today! :D
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    I . . . don't know. I agree with the author about the deal being a touch "shady". This is clearly meant to liquidate their stock of outdated models (the older new iPad) at a price that looks like a good deal for the current models (the newer new iPad). God, I knew the moment I saw "the new iPad" that this crap was going to happen!

    I'm still lamenting the mini's price. It's really hard to justify paying $329 for last years A5X and a non-retina screen when just a few more $20's will nab you a refurbed iPad 3 with basically the same internals, but a sprawling retina canvas that's still state-of-the-art.
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    3rd Gen. hmmm.
    Tricky, tricky, Best Buy.

    Coal in your stockings.
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    Tempting, only if they were offering the 16GB model in the deal. Nice try BB.
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    The mini doesn't have a5x, just a5.
  11. corporation, Nov 21, 2012
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    sold out from what I can see...

    checked again, now the white 32gb is in stock...
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    I agree. And am proud to say I haven't been a Best Buy patron for well over two years now. Quite a change from the years 1999-2004 when I bought all of my videogames and computers/accessories from them.
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    Whoa, I thought it was $50 off the list price ($549 - $50 = $499 + $75 GC), which would seem like a good deal on the previous generation, at least compared to Apple's refurbished prices for the same models.
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    Even worse . . .
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    Amex has a $20 credit if you purchase $200 as well.
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    I see they are not offering the 16 gb. I wonder why?
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    What?!?! How is this "shady" or "tricky"? The ad clearly states that this is a 3rd generation iPad and it states that right next to the iPad label. The "3rd generation" note isn't buried in small fine print anywhere. Sheesh...I know BB isn't the best electronics retailer out there, but come on...there's nothing shady about what they are doing.
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    After looking closer at the Black Friday best buy ad, it turns out that the "iPad with Retina display" for $40-$60 off they have listed is actually the 3rd generation iPad, not the 4th. There are going to be a lot of upset shoppers on Friday who go in expecting the 4th gen only to find out it is for the 3rd gen, especially when their site lists the 3rd gen as "3rd gen" and the 4th gen as "with Retina display"
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    The metaphor you were looking for is on the fence. On the ropes comes from a description of a boxer who is being pummeled and possibly about to hit the canvas.
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    I think Apple is at least partially to blame for this confusion. The terms that BB use are the correct terms for each model (or at least Apple refers to the 4th gen as the 'iPad with Retina'). I think it is NOT clear to consumers which model is the newest. It is not really up to BB to educate consumers over and above correctly labelling products - that's what the Apple website and other electronics sites are for.
    Presumably if consumers realize they don't have the latest iPad, they can choose to return it to BB within the return window. When they go to the store they will also see the more expensive 4th gen on display - a big clue.
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    Just like the Apple Store;)
  22. 100Teraflops, Nov 22, 2012
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    Thanks for the metaphor correction Verbatim English. I wasn't "looking for" on the fence. Does one "look for" a metaphor? ;)

    Edit: Regardless, it's a good deal!
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    I think the Best Buy offer is for the newest iPad. I was going to purchase one and made sure that the description said lightning cable and A6x chip. If it's not the 4th gen I will be taking it back
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    I've called bby and have received many tweets saying it is the a5x chip meaning 3rd gen. With target right next store offering 4th gen with a $60 gift card, I bet more will go with that option.
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    It is the 4th gen...also being advertised in cnet


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