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Best Buy Posts Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2012 Sales for iPads, Macs and iPods

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 22, 2012.

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    BestBuy launched its Thanksgiving Weekend, Black Friday and one-day-only "Doorbuster" sales today. Most of their sales run from Thursday to Saturday. These include discounts on many Mac products that are better than the ones from MacMall posted yesterdaty. We've highlighted the deeper savings here on several Apple notebook models:

    - 13" 1.8GHz MacBook Air - Retail $1199. $175 Off

    - 13" 2.5GHz MacBook Pro - Retail $1199. $165 Off.
    - 13" 2.9GHz MacBook Pro - Retail $1499. $150 Off

    - 15" 2.3GHz MacBook Pro - Retail $1799. $120 Off
    - 13" 2.5GHz Retina MacBook Pro - Retail $1999. $120 Off.

    iPod Touch and iTunes Gift Cards:

    - 32GB 5th Generation iPod Touch - $294. Free $50 Gift Card.
    - $100 iTunes Gift Card for $80 - $80

    These $60 iPad discounts are today (Thursday) only:

    - 4th Generation iPad - $60 Off.
    - iPad 2 - $60 Off

    Article Link: Best Buy Posts Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2012 Sales for iPads, Macs and iPods
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    Don't know who wants to even shop today.
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    iTunes card is the best deal!
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    lol look at the 13'' "retina" macbook pro, only apple fans would fall all over themselves for a 6% "doorbuster"
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    agree .. think i am going to purchase some
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    Best Buy is still in business?

    I thought they'd gone under years ago! :)
  7. WLS
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    60 bucks off on an iPad4! The smart move would have been to sell your iPad3 on the announcement of the 4 and pick up an iPad4 today. If we stay on the Fall roll out of iPads then this could be a winning strategy for hard core upgraders.
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    I hate sales. :mad: :)
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    but I believe Best Buy charges taxes in almost all states so MacMall+no tax may still be better.
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    Staples in Canada will have the base 13" MacBook Pro for $999 -- $200 off.
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    Does anyone know whether MacMall hits up Californians for sales tax these days?
  12. WLS
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    From the front page

    When looking for the cheapest price, it's good to know which retailers charge sales tax automatically. MacMall charges sales tax in California, Illinois, New York, Tennessee, Minnesota, Georgia, North Carolina and Wisconsin.
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    Best Black Friday Deal

    I will get the best black friday deal ! Stay home with my family and keep the money in my pocket :D and enjoy the life with my children because life is short and these are all unnecessary things.
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    Try Amazon

    Amazon has a better price on the Macbook Air - free delivery and no sale tax.

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    Thanks WLS.

    The day has come to upgrade the family iPad. We've had a 1st generation unit since the 2010 launch (which I may liquidate on Gazelle for $125, the easy thing). It'd be nice to have something, uh, snappier.
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    Unless you live in a state where Amazon is required to charge sales tax.
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    What? No deal on the 15" MBP Retina?

    I'm hoping Apple will at least offer a small discount on it.
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    From California, I have to pay sales tax. Same price, so I might as well get it myself from Best Buy. I am the type that likes physically purchasing their product...(especially a Macbook Air) :cool:
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    O canada, you are lame with your HST tax, and also no info on the black friday sales.
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    I concur, our free ride is over at Amazon.
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    Are these store cards e-mailed out or shipped?
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    One thing that's weird, or at least a bit confusing, is that when I went to the Best Buy website and and clicked to check out the price on 13" cMBP, it recommended to complete my purchase by adding a 60W charger, too... Weird:eek::eek::eek:

    I'm assuming that'd be a second one as Apple MBPs all come with chargers included.
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    Ipad 4 already sold out at best buy online. I got mine earlier in the week. Id rather get it now then have to wait up to two weeks to get it just for 60 bucks.
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    I'm with you.

    I happened to drive by my local Best Buy today on a grocery errand. People are already camped out in line, which stretches around 2 sides of the building :-/
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    Cool story bro! So...guess life isn't too short when you have time to troll a black friday thread?!?:rolleyes:

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