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Best case for the original iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Bacong, Apr 22, 2011.

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    I'm gonna head to best buy when it opens here soon and peruse the iPad section. do you guys know of a pretty good case they'd likely have in stock besides the apple case? something protective. I looked on the website but there didn't seem to be too much currently available.

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    Best buy doesn't have much. At least not the one near me.

    What are you looking for? Silicone? Leather?

    You'll probably have to shop elsewhere to find anything good.
    Otterbox is pretty good but adds a bit of bulk. There are tons of silicone type cases if that's what you're looking for. Or leather portfolios too. Just depends on what you are looking for.

    I have a Griffin silicone protector and a Sena leather portfolio case.
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    Whats wrong with Apples own case?
    I quite like it
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    The Original Belkin Grip VUE.
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    I like it as well and its the only original iPad case i've ever bought.
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    I ended up getting the switcheasy nude at fye for 20 bucks!
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    Had i seen this yesterday i would have offered you my old switcheasy vulcan. I sold my original ipad without it and have no use for it.
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    Apple case is the best for me when I had my ipad. Good enough protection and thin.
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    Jack spade folio!!!! using it now for the ipad 2, oh how I wish this existed for the 2 instead of the 1 :(

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