iPad mini Best chance for getting a 16gb wifi iPad mini?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by jmanley1, Dec 16, 2012.

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    White or Black, don't care.

    Anyone have any inside knowledge or helpful hints on where to check?

    I have checked all B&M stores in my area. No luck online. Apple's delivery date is by the 28th.

    I probably procrastinated too long to get one prior to Christmas without going the ebay route.

    Any suggestions are welcome.
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    Craigslist if you're OK with paying a little extra ($30-50).

    Order from MacMall and pay $30 for overnight delivery.
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    I live on Modesto, Ca and the Apple Store has all the models regularly in stock, so does Target and Best Buy in my area.
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    MacMall appears to be out of stock of the 16gb wifi model.
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    Order it from apple I just did and it took with shipping 3 days.

    That way you have your choice on color and size :)
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    What day did you order and what day did it ship?
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    You might give milo.com a try for tracking one down local to you. Otherwise I'd try reserving one with Apple after 10 pm.
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    Was it showing availability times of one week like it currently does? I placed an order yesterday. Would be great to get it before Christmas.
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    I am interested in order/ship times as well from Apple. I ordered 32 gig WiFi units for myself and my wife, hoping the Dec 28th date is just a general advisory date and we'll get them before Christmas. I will admit that I chose 32 gig units even though 16s would have sufficed just in hopes they would get here this week.
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    Did you try Tekserve in NY? www.tekserve.com

    I got ours there last week; great service
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    I talked to tekserve on Friday; no 16gb until after the holidays (not sure if I asked for black or white, I need both)
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    I called them today and they said they would have stock back in tomorrow.
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    Is 10pm when the Apple in-store availability status is updated??

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    Yes, 10pm Pacific.

    Edit to add: I think your best bet is download the Apple Store App and keep refreshing that about that time. I haven't actually done this but have seen others post that they did.
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    isn't it local time of the Apple store?
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    Still pounding the pavement here in Columbus. I'm determined at this point to get one before Christmas for my son.
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    Tekserve is showing the black 16gb in stock, still no word on the white.
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    And Tekserve is reputable?
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    Yeah, I just called there. They have tons and tons of blacks, but no whites until after Christmas. Well, the search continues.
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    I broke down and went with the black/slate.

    Was a little leary of ordering from a place in NYC I had never heard of but if there have been multiple orders by MacRumors people, I'm sure it's fine.
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    You and me both
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    I purchased 2 minis from them in the past month. They were wonderful in all regards.
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    Ordered two A couple of 16gb wifi from them a few weeks ago. Arrived a week later. Would have arrived sooner but FedEx screwed up somehow. At any rate, Tekserv is excellent. Didn't have to pay shipping or tax either.
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    I got my 16gb black mini using the apple site after 1AM EST. I am in the east and I was able to get it for pick up the next day around 1:10AM they said every night they are unsure of what they will get.

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