Best deal on a 17" PB???

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by HasanDaddy, Jul 6, 2003.

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    Hey dudes

    I'm planning on grabbing a 17"

    What's the best deal out there??

    I am eligible for an educational discount, so I figure that's the best one so far

    I also have the ADC discount, but I'm thinking about saving that for a desktop

    Is there anyway to get a second ADC discount?

    Or are there any other REALLY good deals on a 17"


    PS - If one place offers a great deal on the 17", without sales tax, then please include that detail
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    only place you can use your ed discount it with apple directly, and they charge sales tax. same with the adc discount. basically you have to choose going through mail order to avoid sales tax or using your apple discounts.

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    as far as i know you are only allowed 1 adc discount in your lifetime.

    i belive it says this in the "paperwork" before you join adc
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    check ebay for some good deals on new ones.

    I just got mine from for 3300. No tax, free shipping, and i got a free upgrade to 1gig of ram. Plus you get a 100 dollar rebate (which i havent filed for yet).
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    Definitely use Don't use it to check prices, as they are almost all identical, but use it to see what extras are bundled in (sometimes through Mail-in rebates). Although I doubt that the extras they give you will not be worth more than the cash you save when using your ADC or educational discount, it may be. Check it out.
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    You can get the educational discount either by the internet Apple Store or by going in to a local Apple Store, and having them deduct it when you check out. Some of them will do this for you. They are offering a $100 rebate on printer and $200 rebate on the iPod, making the 10 gig $69 plus tax. Free shipping, but the tax makes it more and you'll have to add your own RAM. Just don't pay Apple $285 for theirs. You can buy a 512 MB stick elsewhere for about $100. Just remember that you can only use your edu discount once a year.

    Your ADC discount can only be used ONCE. Period. You get a big discount, but you can only use it once in a lifetime. So save up and use it for a fully loaded desktop.

    You can buy through an internet reseller. You get free stuff, free shipping, and/or no sales tax. I like PowerMax, but that's just me. They're in Oregon, so there's no sales tax, and shipping is cheap. Sometimes you get lots of extras, free or cheap RAM.

    I was telling people to wait for the new PowerBooks, but who knows when they'll be coming.
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    Almost forgot, go to MacSolutions to buy AppleCare. Much cheaper, and definitely worth it for Laptops.
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    thanks for all the info everyone!
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    have a friend join adc.... have him buy your new mac!

    just be sure he knows he can't do it again!
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    I was just checking out Mac Solutions

    I think we might have a winner!

    $3300 with Applecare!!!

    and possibly, no sales tax?

    When you throw in Applecare and Sales Tax into the ADC price, that is really close to, if not more than, $3300

    you guys agree?
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    Be very careful if going to ebay. Don't know what is like in US but UK ebay site has many fraudulent sales of 17" PB's offered.
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    hardware discount for dev's with apple care: $2988
    add your local tax.
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    No thats not true, I got my last powerbook G4 on an edu discount through a non-Apple store ComputerWarehouse (a online/mail order company).
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    hvsfl ---

    was the discount still the same amount ($150?)

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