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Best Deal on ULTIMATE 13"?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by kp98077, Nov 7, 2010.

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    I know there was a prior post on this but looking for some ideas on best possible deal on this unit. Mac Mall seems good and no tax, any other ideas? much appreciated!!
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    Assuming you aren't in a MacMall tax zone (Ca and one other state, I forget which): clickthrough 3% discount from appleinsider to MacMall plus whatever credit card cashback you can get. I got a maxed out 13" for $1610 this way (5% citibank tech purchase bonus until next Jan). Good luck!
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    Which Citi card do you have?

    To the OP, so far the MacMall deal is the best I've seen.
  4. double329, Nov 8, 2010
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    I would check to see if the place you work at has Apple discount or not? Or you can just check at Apple store to find out if your company is the list. I saw the list and it's a long list. Most company get 6-8% discount. My company got 8% and if you are using one of those credit card with cash back. then you will save more. Happy shopping :D
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    Student discount from apple plus 5% off with discover card.
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    Be careful getting it from apple online at a discount. I got mine with my employer's discount, and I just found out that I can't return it because it was discounted (it says that when I click on "return items" on my order page). When i placed the order, the rep told me directly that I could return it in 14 days with a restocking fee if it was opened and not defective.
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    Can you verify this? When I linked through discover and went to the education page it seems that you lose the discover link in the address bar.
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    Portableone.com agreed to 1729 shipped to me no tax.

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