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Best Desktop Speaker Set

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by eVolcre, Mar 21, 2003.

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    I'm placing an order for a brand spanking new Apple Powerbook 12", my first Mac.

    What's the best speaker system? HK Soundstix, JBL Creature or something else all together?

    Cost is not a factor in this decision ... I want the best. Looks, however, definitely are.

    I do have a high end 5.1 HT system, but would prefer a dedicated two speaker+sub set for my home office desk.

    Thanks in advance, EV
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    Thanks mate. For this purchase though, I am definitely going to pick form over function. I have my bad a$$ system allready, and would really prefer something to match the look of my work desk.

    Here's what the set is for 'matching consideration'

    Icurve with 12" powerbook, logitech elite duo slver/black keyboard, apple 23" widescreen , canon scanner that is silver in colour and a powermate, also silver.

    Just can't make up my mind between the HK or JBL. They both 'match' one matches the silverthe other .. icurve and screen.

    What movie is your signature's quote from?

    Cheers EV
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    If im not mistaken his quote is taken from an interview Bruce Lee did..not from an actual movie. Its on kazzaa under the heading "lost interview with Bruce Lee"...

    here is a true legend. the man is a genetic freak. the video shows him doing his legendary 1 finger pushups as well as explaining the philosophy of jeet kune do
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    I recommend the Creature Speakers, we use them here with an ipod as a stereo they sound good to and look great just about anywhere.

    BTW that quote can get you good marks when used ina an international business management paper.
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    Concept ... so you saying the IPOD has a USB out to the speakers? so they can be run without a receiver/amp/computer?

    International Business paper ... I assume you're referrng to Bruce Lee and not the tarot card people dying comment ?:D

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    The JBL Creature Speakers are not USB based, unless they have changed since we bought one a few months ago.

    And yes it is the Bruce Lee quote, outsourcing, decentralization, currency fluctuations, yadda yadda yadda.
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    just thought id throw this out there. ive heard only REALLY good things about Monsoon's line of PC speakers. you should check them out, though it sounds like your really only going for looks. :( though the creatures may look good to some, i doubt the sound quality is that great. PC speakers in general have pretty mediocre sound quality. i suggest you check out monsoon.

    EDIT: im not sure what made you think any PC speakers would require a USB port AND a "receiver". as far as i know, most consumer speakers in the world use Stereo Analogue or S/PDIF. :rolleyes:
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    Do you plan on using the apple 23 display w/ your new powerbook? if so, how?
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    I would assume hes going to get the display with an adc to dvi converter, then a dvi to vga? if he wants to use that combo. or a Adc to vga converter. Either way its porbably not worth the extra $$$$. or He may not have read the specs on the 12in pbook for tha use...oops.

    I have a set of monsoon PM-9s, they look awesome and man reviewers say they sound as good as the klipsach at half the price. I highyl suggest you check out this link and consider them.


    I can't say enough good things about them, they are flat panel and they bass kicks butt. They are also perfectly clear at higher volumes :) Go with the monsoons you will be happy. and they are silver !!
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    Do you have a link to a review? I have a hard time believing they put out similar sound to the Klipschs.
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    What about TDK?

    I'm looking to buy a similar setup but I'm thinking of putting a TDK setup with it. (NXT Flat panels) that look good and sound much better certainly than the creatures to my ears (albeit in showrooms)

    Anyone else use these?

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    The Soundsticks!!

    Designed by Apple - engineered by Harman/Kardon. I cant think of a better combo:)

    They sound excellent and the design is matching the rest.
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    Bought the creatures yesterday, cancelled them and purchased the Monsoon 9's ths AM> Yes, I am looking for looks first, as I said, I have a kickin system allready.

    The silver on the speakers helped, it matches my decor.

    Here's what the destop now looks like .. icurve, pb12 , scanner, logitch black/grey keoyboard , speakers (currently monsoon) .

    Any other thoughts>?
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    Well I actually researched the speaker issue quite a bit. One of my friends recently bought a set of klipsch 2.1 speakers for his winbox so I hooked up my iBook to it and then compared it with the sound on the PM-9's. I admit the klipsch sound great, but imo they aren't worth double the price maybe twenty bucks more at most.


    the klispch comaprision like my own.

    the only thing all the ads really stress is haivng them in proper position which is not tough at all (pictures are in the box)
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    adc to dvi to vga to rgb will not work. there is a conflict with male and female connectors if you think of it. Get the creatures, i have the sound sticks and the creatures and the creatures sound as good as the sound sticks and the creatures look cooler and are cheaper.

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    I'm very happy with my Logitech z-560's. Plenty of power, very clear, very cool looking (when you take off the covers).
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    I LOVE THE SOUND STICKS....not only do they sound good but they look cool....and you get 4 little tiny speakers which is more powerful than 1 medium sized one...
    I hvae one..and i dont have any regrets buying it.
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    I've got botht he soundsticks and the creatures. Soundsticks sound much, much better. If those are yor choices, go with the HK product. I can't speak to the other options.
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    creatures are owned by jbl, which is owned by harmon kardon, who makes the sound sticks,lol.

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    yea but HK actually made the Soundsticks and JBL, a subdivision of Hk, made the Creatures. And the speakers are totally different...
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    rbbon speakers

    I ended up ordering both the Creatures and the Monsoon silver speaker set. Looks like the monsoon speakers won out.

    Yes, I was looking for style and the silver colour works. That, and all the glowing reviews, pushed me to them.

    Lets hope I made the right choice ... :)

    Thanks for all your help everyone ...
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    oh yea the monsoon..its kidna werid...
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    Re: rbbon speakers

    good choices, you will like them.


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