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best ebay description ever :)

Discussion in 'Community' started by rainman::|:|, Jun 8, 2003.

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    haha thats great. She met in a chatroom. Kinda makes you wonder..... I could end up marrying uber... kind of scary. [​IMG]

    And no uber, despite your silly fantasies, I am not comming on to you. :rolleyes:


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    good lord, she sounds like one of those old ladies that will talk your ear off with mindless truisms and gobs of overinformation. that's funny. i guess there really are some fanatics though, 530$ is the going bid. gracious!
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    And Today I will be selling my Beanie Baby Collection of 10000 Beanie Babyies!

    WOOOTTTT ;) :rolleyes:

    I have 30+ myself. :D
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    That is an hilarous story, makes you wonder about the human race......Right about now i wish i was a dolphin or something...
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    This has been buggin' me for ages, ok. What does "woot" mean? I'm only British :)rolleyes: ) so I thought it must be an American thing you guys say watching baseball or any of those other weird yet wonderful sports.
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    wtf. shutup lady.

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    ditto, i'm glad someone asked
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    HAHAHA.... Thats really more that I would need to know if I was interested in some transformers. Sounds like she's really trying to convince herself that this is Mr. Right and not Mr. Rightnow.
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    Explanation for w00t here.
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    here's a different stab at it, from a place maybe more likely to know. i like their rating system there. the crappy definitions get bad ratings lol. that's basically what it means at the top. "sweet" and "badass" are synonyms that come to mind. it's one of those computer geek/AIM terms, a la "lol" and "brb," dare i say "GFYS?" :eek:
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    Very interesting! She definitely likes to talk, must enjoy listening to herself!
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    her first husband committed suicide...gee I wonder why.....
    shut the f up already lady!

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