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Best folio case for NEW iPad

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by rockametrics, Mar 17, 2012.

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    I used the coverbuddy and smart cover for iPad. I want to get leather foio for new iPad. Any suggestions?
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    Take a look at Maroo. They make an excellent case,with equally excellent customer service. The Moko and Roto lines are an excellent case and value, there others to look at as well.

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    I checked out maroo.com. I like the fact that the iPad is completely expose except for corner. Now just gotta pick the one I like.
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    Do you have a financial interest in this company? Based on your posting history in the last hour, you've promoted this case many times.
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    That's putting it much more gently than I would have...

    I smell a rat...
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    Got the Maroo Moko and love it! Thanks for the suggestion!
  7. M87
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    I just got a Casecrown Bold Standby and it works perfectly with the new iPad. All the cutouts line up and despite many claims to the contrary it locks and unlocks the iPad without issue. For $20-25 I'm extremely satisfied.
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