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Best free app for handwritten notes?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by CC424, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Just like the tittle says.... Does anyone know?
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    I use Evernote works great on iPhone and OS X never used it for the iPad but they have a specific app for it that looks good.
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    Are you able to a styllus with evernote? I want to actually write the notes like a pen.
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    No you can type them or handwrite them on paper then take a picture to search for words etc in your notes. Ive never seen an app where you can handwrite directly on the iPad but it would be nice.
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    Also I see you have an iPhone 4 in your sig that camera works great with handwritten notes from experience.
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    Noterize and a boxwave stylus works great.

    I've also used Notes+ (honestly liked the version before the update better), Writepad (handwriting recognition converts to computer readable text), Penultimate (don't actually like this one, despite the hype) and a few other less than honorable mentions...

    EDIT: oops, didn't notice "free" in the title, I'm not aware of any free ones.
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    I use Underscore Notify to take notes on my iPad, and love it. Not free, but costs $1 I think, so no biggie.
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    I personally like notes plus the best. Have tried several but this is great for notes and typing and audio recording.
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    I have Note Taker HD, Notes Plus, and Underscore Notify.

    Underscore Notify is by far the most full featured app. It's truly mind boggling what this app can do compared to other note taking apps, and it's only $0.99!

    Notes Plus is good, but I don't think Note Taker HD is that good in comparison.
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    I'm learning that note taking apps right now can either be good at handwriting (Notetaker HD and Penultimate) or good at integrating lots of features (Underscore Notify - agreed - incredible potential in this app), but not both. If Notify can improve their handwriting and stability to be on par with these other apps, it will become the only note app I need.
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    Tried this one too, and while the handwriting looks good, it is just way to slow for any real work. If you write fast it is a letter or two behind you, which makes writing neatly or comfortably almost impossible. I also found their palm detection to be lacking.
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    I like Niteshelf a lot. The wrist guard works well, writing with stylus is smooth and pen like, email, etc.

    I also use Smartnote which does a lot of things but writing is quite nice.


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