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best hand lotion

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by donga, Dec 13, 2008.

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    anyone have recommendations on the best hand lotion?

    just noticed my hands started to crack after washing so often (i'm in a healthcare profession) and it's winter time in az (meaning dry).

    i've been using jergens, and then used some banana boat aloe vera for today.

    any suggestions?
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    I get very dry hands in the winter. E45, the thick stuff in the tube or tub. No colours or scents. Marvellous.

    Mind you, I just realised it's a Brit thing. See if you find a local equivalent. Look for something that's a bit gooey, rather than runny, and is branded dermatological and non-allergenic rather than something cosmetic and scented. You should find something basic like that in any drugstore.

    Here's a US link for E45.

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    Udderly Smooth is great (http://www.udderlysmooth.com/)

    And I swear by Herbacin kamille for my hands - the unscented one

    also have some homemade lanolin beeswax propolis type for really bad days
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    Vaseline intensive rescue soothing hand cream works wonders. I don't really like the smell but that's just a personal preference. I also like Olay quench with shea butter for extra dry skin, they smell good and are sparkly ;)! If you can, change the hand soap, or bring a small bottle with you. Softsoap shea butter is my favourite. Having a good soap actually makes a big difference. Sometimes I wash my hands 5 times in 10-15 minutes (I'm kinda germophobic :eek:), and with a good hand soap your hands don't even feel dry afterwards.
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    Paul Harvey always recommended Corn Huskers Lotion. :D One of its main ingredients is glycerine, which I believe E45 also uses...
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    Sorbolene can't be beaten. Cheap and effective :).
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    AmLactin and Aquaphor.
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    For hand lotion - Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream
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    Whole Foods 365 Brand Hand/Body Lotion. It costs $2.50 and is unfreakinbelievable. After one week of using it, my dry, cracked, bloody hands are 100% again. You can't even tell I have a dry skin problem in the winter.:)
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    Actually, any kind of Aveeno is good.
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    I have the exact same problems. I wash my hands many times a day, and live in AZ and have to deal with the dry dry weather. I've been using Vaseline Intensive Rescue Hand Cream. Just make sure it says hand on it though, as I also have normal Intensive Rescue and it doesn't work as well as the hand one.
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    I know it sounds weird, but chapstick works great if you just need to apply it to a few small parts on your hands - I use it on my cuticle when they get dry and peel (as they tend to do in the cold weather). Works good in small applications I find.

    A lot of the hand lotions I've tried don't do much good at all - even those expensive ones you get in the health food stores aren't much better.
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    That bag balm is amazing stuff, it does not smell great (although not that bad either) but it really works. Plus if you happen to have a dairy herd it can do double duty :)
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    Is this supposed to be used on humans or animals? The website seems to advertise this as products for farm animals :confused:.
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    I don't know what the name of it is, but I use a salt from the dead sea. You put some salt in your hands, rub it on, and then wash it off with water. The result is the best hand lotion I've ever used and usually lasts two days or so. It was expensive ($85 I think), but worth it.

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    It can be used for both although it was invented for the udder of a dairy cow.
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    love my st-Ives stuff man... its really great... i use it on my feet too...

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