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Best iPad 2 leather case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jmthigpen, May 3, 2011.

  1. jmthigpen, May 3, 2011
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    well, I can't see myself spending over $100 on a case, any lower priced cases similar to the Vaja? Does not have to be leather as long as it is thin and acts as a smart cover.
  5. Night Spring, May 3, 2011
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    How about Sena?

    EDIT: Oh, hold on. Missed that you wanted smart cover function. Not sure if any of the Sena cases have that. They are the niceest leather cases under $100, though, IMO.
  6. buzzscott, May 3, 2011
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    I bought the Mobilevision Toblino, it has smart cover and I have been very happy with it.


    There is a pretty long thread on here about that case.
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    If you don't need Sc function or you buy a SC separately, Sena is the best choice. I ordered Sene Ultraslim and happy with it
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    yoobao leather, thin, full coverage, smart cover folio type.
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    Up to $100 I suggest Maroo. Their quality is outstanding. Almost as good as Vaja and better in terms of the protection.

    Yoobao, Chinao, Toblino, Sena etc. all look and feel cheap in comparison.

    I say this having owned all 6 of the brands mentioned in this message.
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    Never seen the maroo case before. Was potentially thinking about the getting the yoobao, but this looks really nice. I was wondering a couple things though: do the elastic bands that seem to seal the case work well? and how much does this add to your iPad? because i was trying to go with something thats somewhat minimalistic. thanks for a reply
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    I second and third the recommendations on the Maroo case. It is perfect in every respect.
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    Ordered this one today:

    the perfect case for what i'm looking for.
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    I bought a Yoobao executive leather case it is a nice case but it does not smell like leather at all in fact it smell really bad. So I ordered a PielFrama instead which it is an excellent case I had the ipad 1 version.
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    Okay, when I recommended the Vaja earlier today you had wrote that "Price doesn't matter", now I see that you have edited your original post to state "100 or less".
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    well I was curious to see the best :rolleyes:
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    and just so you all know - after researching for a case for the last couple of days...I ended up ordering the Maroo Roto II leather case for my white iPad 2.

    here is a link
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    I always go for Piel Frama. Went for an ostrich job in black this time. It arrived yesterday. Beautiful as usual. £118 delivered.
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    Can you put up some pictures?
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    I just got this leather case in the mail today. I've waited a month for this leather case since I pre-ordered it.


    It cost as much as the Leather Apple Smartcovers, and it has the sleep/wake functionality as the Apple Smartcover. I really liked the functionality of the Apple smartcover gives you, but I wished it also protected the back. Since the smartblazer2 had a similar design... and protected the back, I thought I would give this a try. I haven't had much time with it, but it looks and feels great in my hands. The sleep/wake front cover functionality works great, and it folds back perfectly if you want hold it like a tablet. I have easy access to all the ports, but the mute button and the volume rocker is not as easy to get to... but not difficult. I was concerned on how the speakers would sound with this case, but it actually makes my iPad 2 sound a lot better. It reflects the sound toward the side, and not toward the back. If you hold the iPad where you hand is by the speaker, it even sounds louder and better. My initial thoughts of this case, is very positive. I think I'll be enjoying this case for a while.
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    How does Maroo call their design "clean and minimal" with a big logo plate smack on the front and giant plastic corners?
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    before looking into them more I was turned off by those reasons as well - but the youtube video convinced me that they are actually very small corners and keep the iPad very safe and functional.

    see for yourself
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    You do know that case is for the ipad 1 right?
  23. hsl
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    You may want to consider MicroShell Folio iPad 2 case. It is $70 and has the smart sleep wake function. It acts like a stand and it has that nice look to it.

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    Elastic bands work extremely well. They are very useful because you can also use them to hold case open without cover flapping around.

    It's not as thin as yoobao but thin enough. I had both and binned the yoobao.

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