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best ipad 2 screen protector?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by big dad, Jun 3, 2011.

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    hello everyone. this is my very 1st thread i made here in forums. i just bought my ipad 2 and now im looking for screen protectors. since its been a long time since they released the ipad 2 can someone tell me which screen protector should i buy for front and back. thanks
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    wrapsol, invisibleshield, best skins ever.

    if you do a forum search, you'll find the pros/cons of each. I like wrapsol btw.
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    Powersupport.... 'nuff said
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    Power Support AntiGlare
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    Don't know if you can get it in the US but I got myself a new front from APR directly from the local apple shop.

    But I tried first Bodyguardz back and front.
    Front was really a pain. Back was a breeze. Why ? Shiny black is a horror to stick something on. Almost every imperfection becomes visible.
    What I have seen on mine and already on some pics here from different skins is that you see some kind of orange peel effect of these films. On black this becomes apparent. Also during application you 'damage'the skin a bit. So with the right reflection you see them.
    For the back this is a none issue as silver/grey is very forgiving.

    For the back I would recommend some wet film as it needs to stick around corners. So the bodyguardz is perfect. An I'm pleased with it. But for the front I will not get any Bodyguardz anymore.
    Removed it after 2 weeks as it would do the screen no good.

    That dry film APR was installed in 15 minutes. And what a difference. No scrathes no peel effect not imperections etc. Even with sheering light you don't see it.
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    Power Support AntiGlare
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    Where are you guys getting the Power Support shields from? I didn't see any at the Apple Store. I have the Power Support shield on my iPhone4 and love it. It is the perfect shield as far as I'm concerned. I just wish that they made a back shield for the iPhone4, do they make a back shield for the iPad2?
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    Power Support Crystal Film...

    Ordered online...

    and had it installed at the Power Support Store in Burbank. I could have waited to purchase the film AT the store but I wanted to make sure I had one in hand before I made the trip to the store. EXPERT, QUICK installation for 5 bucks.
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    Power support for the front.
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    Power support ag.

    Easy install and looks absolutely great! I had zagg before. Don't bother- get PS
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    Does anybody know if PS crystal films ever go on sale?
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    No they don't.
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    poewersupport is great i have crystal one for my iphone an am going to buy one for my ipad.
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    can you give me the direct link to their site because i tried powersupportusa.com and it is redirecting me to truprotection.com.
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    Do you live in the US?
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    Their site was down recently. Try them now.
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    SGP has really good screen protectors.
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    What is the best "cheap" screen protector?

    Just noticed the power support is $29.95. Are all these films that expensive? wow.
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    Films for iPads range from $20 and up. That's a reasonable price for PowerSupport.
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    If you want a quality film then yes.
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    What's the difference between PS Anti Glare HD versus Crystal?

    Is crystal film more easily to get fingerprints than a naked screen?

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