iPad Best iPad Keyboard Case? Thoughts?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by phantom5251, Nov 26, 2012.

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    With Cyber Monday upon us, I'm in the market for a new iPad keyboard case. I currently have the Apple SmartCase, and am not exactly thrilled with it. When trying to stand it up, it's not very sturdy at all, and makes me nervous that it'll topple over.

    At any rate, I was wondering what are people's favorite iPad keyboard cases out there? I see both Zagg and Amazon are running some decent deals. The Zaggkeys Profolio + is intriguing.

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    Wow. This topic's never been covered before...









    Sarcasm aside, you can learn a lot by reading these threads for starters.

    Lots of good information on this board; this particular topic has been covered in a ridiculous amount of detail. It's all right there once you get through the "Best [accessory] for iPad?" chaff.
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    I decided to go with the ZAGGkeys Profolio+. Seems like it has gotten good reviews all around, and the Cyber Monday deal seemed like a good deal by shaving $20 off the purchase price (ZAGG still lists this as the price for it as of this morning?). Looks like many others thought the same as it's now on backorder with shipment to go out December 4, lol.

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