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    TouchArcade has compiled a cross sectional list of some of the best games for the iPhone in 2008:

    - Aurora Feint: The Beginning (Free)
    - PapiJump (Free)
    - Dropship ($0.99)
    - Wurdle ($1.99)
    - Trism ($2.99)
    - Fastlane Street Racing ($3.99)
    - Toy Bot Diaries ($3.99)
    - Fieldrunners ($4.99)
    - Galcon ($4.99)
    - Real Soccer 2009 ($5.99)
    - Hero of Sparta ($9.99)
    - Rolando ($9.99)

    The article contains further descriptions and links.

    Article Link: Best iPhone Games 2008
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    Nice list. I'd like to see Dizzy Bee there but whatever :p!

    p.s. What is up with toucharcade? Is it just me or is there a rolando itunes store referrer link in the margins of every page? I've accidentally clicked through to the iTunes store a zillion* times lately. Rather annoying.

    *not a true number.
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    Sim City and Texas Hold em need to be on that list
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    another vote for sim city and one for fieldrunners as well.
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    field runners is the best iphone game ever. :D
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    WTF!? Where's Touchgrind? It's sweet.
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    spore should be on there too! kicks ass! and i vote sim city... and enigmo!
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    Sim City is too buggy as of yet.

    I'd vote Chopper. Anyone else concur?
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    Not until touchgrind is up there.
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    touchgrind ftw. app is hella legit.
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    sim city is really buggy to be called a great game, and it was just released...
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    Id have to say based on the games I play the most:

    Dizzy Bee
    Bejewelled 2
    Sudoku Daily

    Honorable mention:
    Toy bot
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    What about "Low Grav Racer"? I think it's great fun...
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    I'm still pretty addicted to Real Soccer 2009. Just won the English Premier League and Italy Serie A -- what to aim for next?
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    Agreed. Best game out there.....
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    Yeah field runners is by far the best game. When the new update comes out with new towers and new runners I will be so happy.
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    thanks for the nice list, and i like Rolando the best.

    maybe another wonderful app SimCity is too late to be included.

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    Aurora Feint: The Beginning is great, but AF2: The Arena is way better. (It's not free though...) AF2 has improved graphics, better actions using the tools, and the option to challenge other players.
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    I think they're judging in part by the amount of attention, downloads, and playing the games generated... of course, AF2 is better than AF, but it also just came out, and it has received surprisingly little attention. AF is unique in that it came out very early in the history of App Store games, was free, and was not backed by a major development house, and yet it really managed to set the standard for deep, attractive, high quality games on the iPhone.

    Spore probably deserves mention primarily for being the first high-profile major release game to bow on the iPhone roughly in tandem with release on other platforms -- something that still happens very infrequently at the end of 2008.

    As for Sim City, I haven't played it, but it probably merits inclusion, especially considering that Rolando (and Sparta) made it on the list, and was approximately equally new.

    It's an interesting statement that this list was able to span so well from free to $9.99, roughly the top price point at which games bow. And I think I've probably spent more time playing AF than I did playing any other iPhone game. Maybe as much as I spent playing Spore and Hero of Sparta combined.
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    Ninja Dom

    No Tap Tap??
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    Sim City aint buggy. Just reboot before you use.

    Oh and add X-Plane+airliner.
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    list is mess..

    There are much much better games to be on list.

    I wonder who picked those games and at what cost..?
  23. arn
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    I picked 'em at no cost. No one's going to agree on a "best" list but I'd love to hear your list. :)

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    Personally, I'm torn between Fieldrunners and SimCity.
    I love them both dearly.
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    what is the best chess app?

    no fancy graphics, but clean display?

    thank you

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