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Best looking MacBook Pro imaginable

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Mal, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Mal
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    So here's what the MacBook Pro really should've looked like.

    Just in case you're wondering, this is very simple, I simply turned on the inverted colors and saw the picture on the Apple website, and thought it was so awesome looking that I had to duplicate it in Photoshop Elements.



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    OMG it looks fR34K!N AW3$0M3!!!!!111!!!!!!oneoneone!!!!111!!eleven!!!!11!!one

    ....I don't see anything:confused:
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    it looks constipated.

    i like aluminum macbook pros.

    soooo is this suppose to look black?

    ...looks like copper. ew.
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    Haha, they should make copper MBP, see how many sell.

    Anyway, the real MBPs look nicer.
  5. Guest


    Best post all day.
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    I like the MBP as they are (that's why I bought one).

    PLEASE don't change the design apple. It's BRILLIANT!
  7. Mal
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    Wow, I'm kinda surprised ya'll don't like it. I thought it had a really cool look to it.

    Shotglass, I originally just took a screenshot in inverted mode and posted it, forgetting that it didn't actually save the screenshot with those colors, so I went in and took it out temporarily to put the proper pic up.

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    And then wait for the copper to oxidize and turn green. Imagine the complaints then! ;)
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    Imagin the advertiseing..

    "Magic MacBook Pro" Changes colors...
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    I like it... am I the only one? No really, black with silver is a very cool design.
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    Like this...?

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    That's really nice.
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    I like the aluminum. But reallly, I want a mbp made of tin.
  14. Mal
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    Mark, that's not even close to the design I was trying to imply. I hate that white keyboard with the glossy black. This would be aluminum, not painted exactly, but anodized black. I've seen it before, and it looks really sweet (not sure how durable it is, but I'd guess pretty good). The keyboard and trackpad would probably have to match, as in black, with the keys the same material they are now. Not sure how different the backlit keyboard would look like this, but I'd imagine it'd be cool too.

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    I dont like it.
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    keyboard on that is the aluminum color, same with trackpad.
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    Well i like your black-ionized thinamajiget jW. Think it looks Schweet. Much prefer it to that glossy black thing...sorry mark :eek: . I know u didnt make it and everything...but...lol
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    i actually think the green one is cool :)

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    link to the site?
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    I think that green is a little dark, would it match your walls?
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    Blues cooler ;) :p

    Im kidding.

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    no but this would :p
    my sheets & a bunch of other stuff is already dark green..idk why i did the walls like the bright green. either green macbook pro is reallyy cool.
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    I think it looks awesome, personally.
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    no offence...but their isnt an emotion being sick...:(

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