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Best Mac TV Tuner/video card?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MarkW19, Mar 8, 2003.

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    I want to be able to view - fullscreen or in a window - TV from a digital TV tuner (PAL SCART).

    It doesn't have to have a tuner on board as my digital set-top box has the tuner built in, just a SCART or 3-phono input and ability to display the images realtime fullscreen or in a window.

    I'm looking for good quality - eyetv looks good, but it's only 320 res, anything that's nearer to DVD quality rather than "pretty good VHS" (describing the eyetv in a review I read). It can be PCI or USB/FW.

    I'm on 10.2.4 with a G4 DP 867, 768 RAM.

    Anyone any suggestions?

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    Re: Best Mac TV Tuner/video card?

    Hey ill second that, id love one of those but i havent really had the time to look around for one.

    Ill be watching this thread....
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    ---Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge---

    Video Resolution

    NTSC: Up to 720 x 480
    PAL: Up to 720 x 576

    anyone know what those two things stand for and how good rez that realy is?
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    That sucks, i have one and it only works half the time, not to mention you dont get any software with it. (and watching tv in imovie doesnt really appeal to me).

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