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Best mouse for new imac?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by noelmac75, Feb 21, 2003.

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    Just got a new imac 17" 1gig, and i have to say there amazing, very snappy and responsive, the games play great in the widescreen format, but still dont think the mice apple supply arent great, the arrow moves slow around the screen and its not clicky enough for me, not sure about the one button either, a lot of tasks require 2 buttons, does anyone know of any good mice around with scrollwhell, 2buttons, senstive buttons etc. I heard microsoft explorer was a good one to get. Any help?
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    I have a Logitech MX700 wireless mouse on my powermac and I've been very very happy with it.
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    I really think the Kensington StudioMouse wired or wireless is the way to go. It has a very high tracking rate and is extemely precise. Also it's hard to beat the scroll sensor (much better then a wheel in my oppinion).
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    You can set mouse speed in System Preferences.

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    Check out this review at IMG.
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    Also i was looking at some of those kensington mice in my apple reseller and they are some damn ugly mice, but thats just me.

    Granted, they probably work great but the MX700 is a beauty.
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    I have both a Macally two button optical mouse with changeable face plates, and a more expensive kensington two-button optical mouse.

    Both work fine. The Macally mouse is bigger, but the kensington mouse has an annoying squeak when I push it around or push its buttons. I guess I like the bigger feel of the Macally mouse overall. I put the kensington in may day bag to travel to and from work.
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    I have to add my US$0.2 here. The MX700 is terrific, though I get nervous before an OS-level Software Update.

    Hasn't broken it yet though - call me paranoid.
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    Logitech MX700


    MS IntelliMouse Explorer (more easily programmed, and application-specific button functioning is possible.)
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    Re: ...

    Agreed. That Kensington Studio Mouse is one heck of an ugly beast.
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    Sorry. They just make a great mouse. I don't consider myself a traitor when I spend $3500 on my TiBook, then spend $50 on a MS mouse. It isn't my fault the Apple mouse is ridiculousy featureless.
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    Looking at your profile, I see that you may be the real traitor...

    "Computer: G4 Quicksilver 733, IBM ThinkPad 760XL, IBM ThinkPad 600E, PowerBook 12"_" :p :D
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    Someone who pays attention! :eek:

    Uhh, I gotta call witness relo... :)

    In direct response to your apt dig: "Know thine enemy" :D
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    Logitech Marble Mouse usb, two-button trackball, optical (no moving parts except the ball). I love them; I have several. No backlash like old-style trackballs, and they're symmetrical so a leftie like me can use them.
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    Dale Sorel

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    White and silver, I think they go together rather well :eek:
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    Les Kern

    I like the MX700 also, but I just bought an Intellimouse TODAY. I have to admit it's pretty sweet. Expensive, but sweet. Nice response, and it fits my gigantic hands nicely.
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    Re: Re: Re: ...

    I agee. They are a gorgeous mouse. They fit very well with the current Apple products. Now if I had a Sony Vaio or something that MX whatever you call it would be a perfect match.;)
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: ...

    I agree it's a gorgeous looking mouse, but have you used it? That scroll pad is really awful, and not nearly as good as a wheel.
    I was gutted as I really wanted to like it, but it just didn't cut it for me.

    I use a Logitech mouseman traveller - really small, silver (to match my PB and Dual 1.42) and it a fantastic product.

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ...

    Yes, I've used it for the last 2 months. At first the pad was weird. Once I got use to it I like the pad much better. It is much smoother on the finger tip and at a tap of a finger I can jump a single line at a time up or down or if I hold my finger there I can scroll up or down. I have had no problems with pad sensitivity since I have gotten use to it and set the scroll speed.
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    I interchange a mouse between my PM 6500 (with a usb card which I bought specifically so I could use an optical mouse) and my PC laptop. I use the Logitech Wheelmouse (I think that is the one) and, although it is not the prettiest of things, it is the best mouse I have ever used, and that includes using many other people's mice to fix their computers;-). It is a corded mouse, but then again, you have a corded computer;-). The cord is suprisingly long, so you don't have to worry much about that. It has two nice buttons and a wheel which also serves as a third button. I am not sure of the OS X compatibility, but I bet Logitech has made a driver for it. Overall, I think any Logitech mouse would serve you well, and I stand by them.

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