Best OS for PB G4 1ghz?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Noctilux.95, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Just purchased a new HD for my Powerbook G4. I will do a fresh install and would love to know what OS will work best for my hardware.

    My Powerbook specs are 1ghz G4, 2gig Ram, OS 10.4.11

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    Leopard should run fairly nice as well on this machine, except Flash of course.:p
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    Leopard. Tiger is way too old.
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    If you want a load of eye-candy, quite a few 'new' features, (marginally) better security & better support then Leopard is the way to go. If you don't mind running even older versions of this & that (iTunes 10 is a biggie), and don't need Time Machine, Spaces etc. but would prefer lightning fast speed - then Tiger's the one for you.
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    Leopard 10.5 or Snow Leopard 10.6.
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    Leopard is fine. Snow Leopard is Intel only. This is a PowerBook, which has a PowerPC chip. Snow Leopard will never ever work on a PowerBook/PowerMac.

    And lest anyone else offers comment (rabidz7), NO, it can't be done using virtualization/emulation either.

    As to the other post about Tiger being fast, Leopard is plenty fast (a bad rap Leopard gets). And while it seems to be only my experience, Tiger for me was unstable. Leopard is rock solid.
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    On older machines, like my Emac, Tiger performs better than Leopard, especially if you don't have 2GB RAM.
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    All true for me as well. Never understood people's affection for Tiger. Leopard makes my iBook a faster and happier Mac.
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    Loads of eye candy.:confused:

    Leopard was and still is a solid OS, what you call eye candy is nonsense, the features are well thought of and all work well.
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    Lil Chillbil

    he is using the "2007" definition of "eye candy"

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    All static, not really eye candy, those could easily be changed by theming, different desktop picture-change the menu bar in the resources file and editing files inside the dock.
    I guess your right though 2007 eye candy.
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    By 'eye-candy' I was more referring to the funky animation you get when moving in/out of TimeMachine, the zoom in/out you get when entering Spaces, the dock reflections when magnification is on, or Quick-look. Things like that. They're all functioning features that I, personally couldn't do without anymore. But the little things like that just got me frustrated when using my PowerBooks as they just didn't have the horsepower there to run it all that smoothly - and in the end, was ultimately the main reason I reverted back to Tiger.
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    I use 10.4.11 Tiger on my 1 GHz TiBook. Leopard just runs too slowly; but I also max out at 1 GB of RAM, not 2GB, so that may have a lot to do with it.

    I run 10.5.8 Leopard on my Quad G5 though, it's got the RAM and horsepower and on there, Leopard runs MUCH better than Tiger.

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