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Best portable DAC for Mac (up to $500)???

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by 50548, Dec 22, 2012.

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    Simple question, simple answers - thanks for your help.

    P.s.: I am leaning toward the Nuforce HDP, but would be glad to know if something of the same quality can be found for less.
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    DAC section only, so no amp?
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    if you're only after D to A, check out the mytek stereo96 DAC. Fantastic gear, probably meets your price-point used.
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    To be honest, I am just beginning with my sort of hi-fi needs; but I presume an amp would also be needed...nothing TOO strong but should cover both headphone and normal speaker needs. That is why I thought of the Nuforce HDP...anything better?
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    What headphone? I personally didn't enjoy the NuForce HDP, there are a plethora of DACs that are much better and cheaper.
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    I have the Audinst HUD-MX1 which can be had for about $200. It's a fair bit cheaper than what you are looking at but IMO is a superb piece of kit.
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    You do realize that of all the parts you'd need in a sound system the DAC i the least important and has the least effect of sound quality.

    The single most important part is the speakers and the room itself.

    Before anyone can recommend a DAC they would have to know what is the souurce material. Is it pre-recored CDs. MP3 files or something you recorded yourself. There is no need ofr a DAC that can handle 192K at 24 bits if you are listening to an MP3 or even a CD.

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