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best powerbook G4??

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by amemoryoncelost, Oct 15, 2007.

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    So my ibook is dying, I'm thinking of getting a late model aluminum powerbook to replace her. I had a 15" model a few years ago and due to needing some money and not using it much at the time, let it go. I haven't paid close attention to powerbooks for the past few years, but they're getting cheaper and I really loved the 15" I had.

    I'm looking to spend 600-800. Looking through craigslist. Looks like I can get a 15" 1.5ghz model with superdrive and 1.25 ram for about 800.

    So what do ya'll suggest to go for. The computer I suggested was the one I keep seeing, from several different people, must have been a popular computer. Was there any model to stay away from? Any help would be great. Just looking to not buy a new laptop in another year because of some stupid issue.

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    I loved my 12 inch PB......but go for the 1.5 not the 1.33......my 1.33 went thru 4 logic boards in 3 years before Apple replaced it with this MB....
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    For $800, are you really sure that you want a G4 Powerbook and not a refurbished or used C2D Macbook? At this point, unless you have specific reasons for PPC, that seems like a really bad investment. I could see spending $400 for a used iBook or PBG4/12", but not $800 for any PPC notebook. And I only have PPC hardware, so I'm not a G4/G5 hater.
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    I guess I hadn't really thought about it and didn't even think they had come down that much in price. I'd probably go refurb since I'll get the applecare with it. Guess I'll check into that and still keep my eyes onto the older powerbooks.
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    $950 seems to be the lowest price one they have right now, but I think you can get the Core Duo one from Apple for $799 fairly frequently (not 100% sure... haven't been watching closely recently), and you can probably get the low-end speedwise C2D one for that price on forums also. Getting a refurb is definitely nice because of the warranty, though.
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    Well, thank you. I think you've convinced me to go C2D. After looking at the prices and looking at what I was getting myself into and what I have listed on ebay right now, I might as well just go for it. I have $100 free from apple anyways from my iphone. So yeah, thanks, guess I'll be going that route unless someone offers me a screaming deal on a powerbook locally, but looks like I'll be ordering up a macbook in the next couple of weeks!


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