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Best SD Card for 2010 Macbook Air

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by macnerd123, Jan 12, 2011.

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    The Title is the question... Which SD Card is the best and fastest for the macbook air? (and preferably 64 GB).
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    don't know if its the best but i'm using a PNY optima SD HC 16GB, i store my musics on there and any files/document on there. so far its been good, played music on itunes straight from the card with no lag.
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    Can't go wrong with Sandisk. Even class 2 works for me; I have my iPhoto library on there.
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    Well, that it is a MBA doesn't matter for the question.

    If you need speed go for something like SanDisk Extreme, otherwise drop down to Ultra or so.
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    Is it possible to make the SD card on the MBA your folder for Dropbox? And if so can you TrueCrypt it?

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    As long as you are not buying a real no-name brand I would always look for the class of the SD card.

    For example: Transcend SD cards are more or less half the price of SanDisk and come as well in class 10.

    Honestly, as 32GB SD Card and up I would get at least class 6 or 10 (don't know if there is class 8).

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