best sites for motion graphics content?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by cb911, Apr 21, 2004.

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    well i'm just gettin into motion graphics now... and i'm always looking for good sites for inspiration and ideas... and of course good examples and showreels. :D

    so does anyone know a motion graphics site that links to the latest examples? for example, features links to heaps of 3d, and other types of animation and related material. that's an awesome site, i must have downloaded about 2GB of animations and showreels because of following links from there.

    are there any sites like that where they link to other sites that have motion graphics content? i know a few good sites out there, and i might as well list them here. at least if no 'motion graphics directory' exists out there, this thread could serve as a listing of the best motion graphics! :D

    KD LAB - this kinda crosses over into animation, but it's cool and you can download a showreel there.

    LOBO - i only discoverd these guys in the last week, they've got some awesome work. well worth a look :D heaps of stuff to download as well, very nice work.

    La Huella FX - well this is kinda more post-production oriented, but it's a good site, perhaps good for some inspiration?

    Exopolis - these guys just rock. their work is top notch, i could watch their showreel all day long. :D well, maybe only for half a day. excellent work to be seen here!]MK 12[/URL] - again, some great work over here. i could watch this for the other half of the day. :D a must see.

    REZN8 - lost of commercial work you might recognize. they've got reels to view as well.

    GMunk - well, this is a pretty crazy site. :D he's got some very good work, and some funny clips on there as well. lots and lots of content to go through. another must see.

    so there's just a few sites to start out the 'best motion graphics directory'... now lets see how many other good sites we can find out there. :D anyone who knows some good sites, please post your links here. it's time to share. :)

    there must be at least a good few hundred MB to download there... so here's a excellent tip for Safari: to download something, say a QuickTime movie if you don't have Pro, press 'cmd+opt+a' to open the Activity window in Safari. find the QT movie that you want to download, and 'opt+click' on the movie URL, and watch as it pops up in the Downloads window and starts screamin' down your pipe!! :D i just found that out recently, and it's definitely something everyone should know about. :)

    oh, and i don't know if Community is the right place for this? is there somewhere else it should be to get more attention?
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    hey hey! thanks heaps for the linkage guys. :D looks like this is off to a really good start.

    i'll have to check all of them out when i get some time. there's also some more i want to add to the list, i'll do that when i get a chance.

    any others with some more good links? :D
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    uhh, what is motion graphics? what good do they do?
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    'Motion Graphics' are exactly as they sound.. graphics that move.

    It can be something as simple as the rolling text credits at the end of a film, or a well developed and executed starting sequence to a film like 'Se7en' that enhances the story by offering some insight into the actual story, can be Flash animations on a website or a tag that animates on a television ad... or just the result of old fashioned creative experimentation. ;)
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    thanks iGav.

    there is this new apple app called "motion". this sounds ignorant but, can't fcp do any motion graphics?
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    To a degree Final Cut can, but it's pretty basic stuff 'Transistions' and the like... Final Cut Pro is a non-linear editing package, you use it to 'cut' footage together.

    For higher end motion graphics and comp work, you'd want to look at applications/hardware solutions like Adobe After Effects, Discreet Combustion, Discreet Flint, Discreet Flame, Apple Shake and now Apple Motion, which looks to be targetting Adobe's After Effects and Discreet Combustion in the desktop motion graphics software arena.

    If you're wanting to produce motion graphics for the interweb (think animated intro's on web pages) or CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM, then you'd use applications like Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, iShell and before it was axed but still useful Adobe LiveMotion. These applications also allow you to add 'interactivity' to your work.
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    This isn't what you are looking for but I think they have a cool website:

    click on the big picture, then down in the corner click where it says Whos We Version 1 or something.
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    wow! :eek: i'm gone for a bit, and you go nuts with the linkage! nice work iGAV! :D

    MetallicPenguin, i'll have to check out that link as well.

    also, not quite motion graphics, but animation. Blur's RockFish is out:

    it's an animation, and really great quality stuff as well. :D

    also, Blur do motion graphics as well, and a bit of everything else really.
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    and here's another one... ;)
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