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Best skins ever application process + water = freaked out!!!!

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by thechidz, Aug 2, 2007.

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    I just applied my BSE and have to say that I was completely freaked out about having the water on my phone:( Can you guys give me some reassurance that my baby will be okay:confused:

    I have to admit after letting it dry a bit its starting to look pretty good and I wish I had applied it before my chrome got scratched up and I put i small ding on the side:apple:
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    I have used a similar wet application product (invisible shield) on 2 iPods with no I'll effects. The key is to let it dry 100% before turning it on. Wait at least 24 hours. I have 2 co-workers with dead iPods because they didn't wait.
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    hey its all good, i spilled beer on my phone and its still ticking....
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    Thats good, that was my biggest worry... :D
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    You spilled beer? I love the BSE, but mine is bubbling in most of the corners after a few weeks of use. It looks pretty bad. Did I do something wrong with the initial installation?
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    I'll be taking mine off shortly. Initially, it sticks to the phone nicely but it makes it feel like a hunk of **** after about 72 hours. The glue/adhesive is easily noticeable behind the skin on the chrome edge which looks awful. It looks as if someone smeared hot glue on it.

    As far as how it looks on the glass, it reminds me of a ****ty car tint job. You know when you see that '88 Cutlass with t-tops and Joe Dirt behind the wheel. The tint job's all bubbled and has changed from black to purple...

    My phone reminds me of Joe Deertay...

    Just my 0.02 copper.
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    well, so far the bse is definately attaching itself to iphone and its looking good. Im not sure how I feel about it yet though. It definitely adds grip and makes the phone feel secure, which is good, but I also definitely know its there, by looks and feel, which Im not quite as crazy about. Ill give it a chance...:apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple:
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    Dude, that is so totally beer abuse!:p:p
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    wow. you must have done a terrible job putting it on. I go to show people the skin and they dont' understand what i'm trying to show them. i have to actually point out the corners where the edges are and it still takes them a second to realize that theres actually a skin on it. i'm super pleased with mine.
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    I'm using my bse in conjunction with an incase stretchy-rubber-scratch-the-chrome-up-case, and really couldnt be happier. Yes, the bse on the screen looks like ass from an angle, but i'll take the orange peel look, in exchange fro a scratch free screen.
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    Hilarious. That's all I need to know. No BSE here, copper.
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    I doubt that the BSE would have prevented the ding.
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    i was worried that water gonna get into my phone, so i didn't apply water on the back, i only do water on the screen, since the skin feel like tape, do you guys think it's gonna make the back of my phone feel sticky after i take the skin off for like a few month later?
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    well, i have to say that I am liking the skin over all. It makes me less paranoid about taking the phone out without having the incase on. Lately I have been using the sleeve from my ipod vid and carrying it in my nupocket wallet and its a pretty nice setup that way, especially with the bse on it...

    still waiting for one more wallet/case though... should be here today:apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple:
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    how did you even get it on straight and without any fingerprints without using water? doesnt' it look like total crap?

    some of you people are way too paranoid about the small amount of water it takes to ensure a good application.
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    I put the BSE on with quite a bit of water, and let it dry about 15 hours before turning it on. Looks great and no problems. I didn't use the BSE screen, only back and home. For the screen I kept my Powersupport Crystal Film b/c I didn't want the screen to be grippy or show that bubbled dimpled look.

    However, before getting the BSE I got a foofpod bag. I realized now that I don't need the bag, I can throw the skinned phone right in my pocket. But for the first week or so I kept the skinned phone in the pouch too, which is corduroy but lined with satin or something soft. Anyway, now I think b/c of the heat, my skin has a slight 1"x1" checkered pattered in it from the stitching pattern on the inside of the pouch. I think the heat caused the satin black fabric to bleed onto/into the skin and discolor it a bit, except for where the stitching pattern is, which still retained the lighter gray/silver color. It isn't very noticable but won't clean off. Not sure if a different detergent, or maybe a hair dryer + cleaning would get it out - i.e. heat it up a bit and try to rub it out at the same time.

    But I still love the BSE. I think it has been on my phone about 2 weeks now.
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    Took a dress rehearsal but...

    My BSE application looks great! I couldn't be happier. My first attempt was an unmitigated disaster. I just didn't know what I was doing, I pulled it out of the water to shake of the excess and it folded over on itself. Got it apart, tried to apply it, bubbles where driving me crazy, I just kind of lost it. Finally, I reordered, read the tips on the boards here and realized that little bubbles are normal and I just needed to let it sit and adhere. Took my time, let it set for about a half hour, came back, pushed out some bubbles, tacked down the edges and it was perfect! One little corner could be better (not quite lined up right), but until it's time to replace the BSE due to wear and tear I can live with it. Love the feel of it, it's nearly invisible and along with the Power Crystal Screen, I feel its protected quite well.
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    Exactly my problem...I ordered 2 total body skins from them...I ATTEMPTED doing the back..attempted being the key word. I left it for like 5-10 mins and the corners WOULD NOT stay down for anything and everytime I tried to squeegee a bubble out of one side another would come right up on the other side. I got so frustrated i just took it off. Maybe I should give it another go and let it sit for longer.
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    definitely try it again. I was worried about the edges going down but I finally just left it alone and it was fine. it attaches itself after about an hour and looks really good.:apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::)
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    I actually really think it would have. Its more like a scratch and the bse is pretty secure...:apple::apple::apple::apple::apple:
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    Sorry A bit off topic..

    I think Im going with this same set up... Does the clear skin protect the chrome well?

    Do you have any pics?
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    yes i managed to get it on straight, although there was many fingerprints on it so yes it looked totally crap on the back. but i didn't really care because i have the iskin revo on so nobody can see it. This morning when i took the iskin revo off to clean out the dust and i was surprised that all the fingerprints disappeared, there's still only 2 small bubble on the back, but it looks great, now i can carry it without my iskin revo without worried that it look like crap anymore lol. At first i thought BSE was a bad idea but now i'm loving it.
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    I've used the BSE skin on 4 different Macbooks, a digital camera and a Blackberry. I followed the directions except for the "wait X hours". I used all the electronics immediately after I applied the skin and they are all working fine.
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    ive never had success putting any skins or protectors like these on, so i just went with incase

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