Best Sleeve Ever! Incase Origami Stand Sleeve for iPad / iPad 2

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ccsicecoke, Mar 13, 2011.

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    I bought the smart cover for iPad 2 on day 1 then immediately realized how useless it is. So I took it back to Apple Store and exchanged for a Incase Origami Stand Sleeve for original iPad.

    To my surprise, it fits perfectly. In fact if you put original iPad in it, it would be too tight. Since iPad 2 is a little thinner and smaller, it just fits perfectly

    This sleeve can be used as a stand too. Just fold it up and there it is. no more separate stand needed. To me this sleeve is far more useful and protective than Apple Smart Cover

    See picture below





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    That thing looks HORRIBLE!!!
    Although I agree the smart case is garbage.
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    I wouldn't say it looks horrible. It looks rather plain, but horrible? Come on...
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    How's the iPad 2 fit? I'm looking into that sleeve but don't know if I should wait for incase's official iPad 2 updated one. Being 1/3 thinner, I'm worried about the loose fit.
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    I was looking for a sleeve and picked this up. It's great. It offers a lot of protection and when put in a stand you don't even see it. It will also hold the iPad + smart cover, although trying to get the top bit around tht combo is hard. Totally worth the relatively modest asking price.
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    I'm thinking about getting this case.

    Do you know if the iPad 2 fits in it with the smartcover attached?

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    It fits with the smart cover just fine. Might be a bit snug, but I have no problem with the extra protection. I find I like having both with the smart cover really good for laying around the house and having this for when I'm traveling and need to throw it in my bag.

    Just as a precaution for the OCD among you, the stand is made by folding it and pulling it out a little bungee cord to wrap around a plastic clete. So, the bungee cord will be in contact with a side of the iPad when it's in the sleeve.
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    I had this sleeve for the iPad 1 and it was such a PITA to put in and take out since the sleeve doesn't bend much due to the "board inserts" for the stand. I was pretty pissed... its like Incase didn't do enough Q&A testing.

    Glad to hear the sleeve works better with the slimmer iPad 2... great sleeve idea didn't go to waste ;)
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    Bought this sleeve and wow am I disappointed.

    First of all it's such a tight fit that you have to stretch the material over the top of your iPad to close it. Which leaves big stretched patches of the material.

    The case does NOT fit the iPad 2 + SmartCover like someone said above.

    As someone who buys all their cases from Incase I'm really disappointed with this case, it's completely impractical for putting your iPad away and getting it out again.

    The only upside to this case is that the stand works really well, but the other flaws mean this case is being returned :)
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    If you wanted a full-on "sleeve" then you'd be better off getting the zipper one that's more laptop-like. I get what you're saying, but I never thought of what you described as a problem since I like just dropping it in and pulling it out without pulling the top over. Occasionally, I'll pull it over if I'm worried about other stuff in my bag, but with the smart cover on I'm not too concerned about the little top part of the ipad sticking up. And, it most definitely does fit with a smart cover on, but to each his own...

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