Best software for PowerMac G5?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by estrides, Apr 8, 2012.

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    So, I started a thread earlier asking about what I should do with my G5' I'm wondering...What are the latest versions of 'the best' software i can get for them..

    For example.. Latest version of the Adobe suite, final cut. etc.

    Thanks guys!
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    Im looking more for the latest versions of software that will run on the PPC.

    For example i know that the latest version of Logic that will run is 8!

    I am trying to find the BEST(not free) software with the latest version I can run.

    Hopefully I'm not being too vague.
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    Then Wikipedia is a good source for that, if the application is known enough, but you should also know, that many applications are using Universal Binaries, thus can run on PPC and Intel Macs. It is only the Intel-only applications, that can't run on PPC Macs, which you may already know though.
    But for AE and FCS/FCP Wiki is a good source, when they list their versions.
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    I have on my work G5 the last versions for PPC of the following apps:
    • Adobe CS4 Suite
    • QuarkXPress 8.51
    • Suitcase Fusion 2
    • Acrobat Professional 9
    • Microsoft Office 2008
    • Toast Titanium 10
    • Diskwarrior 4.3 (not sure if this is the last version for PPC or not)

    Note that both ID CS4 and XPress 8.51 are dog slow when using large amounts of text, Illustrator CS4 is a memory pig and Office (all apps) is EXTREMELY slow to start if you have the Suitcase Fusion Core running before you start them.
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    Yes! Exactly what I was looking for!

    If anyone has anymore, keep em coming!
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    This would be an excellent idea for a sticky if it could be organized by Processor (G3, G4, G5, etc.) requirements as well as by OS requirements (OS 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, etc.)
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    read the faq on my sig, there are a couple links to find great apps for the g5.
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    That's definitely the most in depth FAQ I've seen so far. That should definitely be a sticky.
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    Guess the mods don't want to (I contacted two of them and no answer), I guess I would need to refomulate all to be in "guide form".
    Hope it help you in your software needs.
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    Jessica Lares

    Maybe because they don't want it to become a piracy issue? There are a lot of people who come in here, ask for information on stuff that works on G3s and G4s only to just torrent it or find it on Macintosh Garden.

    MacRumors will then become the first result when people type in something like "iWork PowerPC download" and you'll have endless posts of people looking asking for links to it. It's bad enough that in 2012 we still have posts like, "Just bought a G3 iBook on eBay, now what?" filling up this section. Too many people think every computer has an Intel chip in them.
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    Valid point, but I've never found the "I just bought a (insert PowerPC computer)" threads to be an long as they ask questions that couldn't be answered with a simple search of the forums.
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    LOOL, my faq always tend point to free/open source software and if not possible I never point to links/whatever (And I never seen anyone doing that here) so that point is not valid.
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    I do agree that it would be awesome to have a comprehensive list of software for different models of PPC and even Intel.... Though I also agree with the piracy issue.

    I have these G5's and I just want to get the most out of them! I have so much (legal) software, thanks to my fathers company. Just trying to figure out what is compatible so I don't go through countless dead ends.

    I'm determined.
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    Again, in my Faq there are at least two blogs whose owners did that job for us, it is just a matter of searching.
    Of course that in terms of high priced comercial software it will be more difficult to find wich version are powerpc supported or not, but in terms of free software it is quite easy.
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    If no one knows about a piece of software then no one can buy it, let alone pirate it.
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    @ estrides
    9 does work under 10.5 with some shortcommings (I guess three option buttons are not available... I do not remember yet, I posted it somewhen here on the forum, when someone asked for a mac mini vs G5 Quad comparison).
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    Yeah i actually see that it has a Universal Binary but some of the excess programs like Main Stage and Soundtrack wont start up.. WHATEVER! I have an MBP for that stuff! I can use the G5 as my workhorse and recording with (hopefully) Logic 9!
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    I also have a powermac G5. Here's the software I use:

    OSX 10.5.8 leopard
    Adobe CS4
    Final Cut Express 4.0.1
    Camino 2.1.2
    Safari 5.0.6 (runs slowly)
    Simple Comic 1.7
    itunes 10.6.1
    Quicktime 7.5.5 with Perian 1.2.3
    Adobe Flash Player
    Adobe Air 1.5.3

    This brings me to my next point. The latest version of Adobe Air available for a G5 is 1.5.3 but I want to install "the complete national geographic" which is supposed to require Air 2.0 to install. NatGeo points to a workaround web installer, but I just get an error message: "installation failed". Does anybody know of an old version of "Complete national Geographic" software which will install on a G5? I have these shiny DVDs full of NatGeo data, but I can't install the software necessary to access that data. This is a little frustrating.
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    You just saved my life

    You just saved my life!

    Counting down 6 hours to finish a work with Sketchup, now I have no limit license... THAAAANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!


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