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Best Stylus Review (Large Pics Warning)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by GaresTaylan, Aug 9, 2010.

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    Hey everyone. I wanted to do a short review on the stylus I just received in the mail from best stylus. You can find these at http://beststylus.com/

    Keep in mind that I have tried both the Pogo and the Dagi stylus - as well as contemplated getting the Boxwave stylus after reading about it in the longer stylus thread found here:


    The one thing I noticed about this stylus right off the bat was true to the description on the website, you hardly have to touch the display at all to get it to activate. Even the VERY lightest touch gets the job done.

    My main purpose for wanting a stylus was for taking notes during meetings and conference calls at my job. I found the dagi and pogo to be somewhat inaccurate and not very smooth. My Dagi, much like experienced by some others, suddenly stopped responding. I would have to switch my angles continuously to get it to respond on screen and I am very careful with the way I take care of my accessories.

    While I do not feel that everyday use for things such as typing on the iPad would be easier with this stylus like the site claims, I will say that it is a welcome addition to my collection. I find it incredibly easy using apps like Penultimate and Note Taker HD to stay inside the smaller lines on paper. Here are some quick tests in Penultimate. Keep in mind I have pretty horrible handwriting so some of you may have much nicer results.


    The model I ordered was the 5" wand in aluminum. I am not sure what they used for the tip, but its not the normal conductive foam and seems to work much better. Pics below.


    Overall, extremely satisfied. This is the first stylus that I truly felt was review worthy. Hope this helps some of you that are trying to find a great stylus.
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    Thanks..... I may have to get one for my dad!
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    Thanks for the review however I stay away from sites that advertise this way (bold colors, huge fonts, rhetorical questions, etc). I personally find the Pogo the best one but I guess we all have personal pref.

    -- SR
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    I have to admit that I felt their site looked quite gaudy as well. Altho I can't say that's necessarily a reason to avoid purchasing from a site entirely.
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    Ok I had to laugh my ass of at this:

    So they have acquired some surplus promotional pen stock, ripped out the guts, installed their "magic fluffy stuff" and sell it as a premium quality product?? :eek:

    Note I am not questioning at all how well they do or do not work I just thought this was absolutely hilarious. :D
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    I hope the OP will post again after a few weeks with a follow-up on how the pen holds up. The Pogo took a while to "break in" and start working smoothly; it sounds like this one starts off well, so hopefully it doesn't get smushed or fall apart with use.

    I'd love to find the perfect stylus for drawing and would consider adding this one to my collection, but I can't make head nor tails out of their freakish website.

    In the meantime, I've gone back to drawing with pencils, pens, and paper. It's... weird :rolleyes:
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    Maybe true... lol but I guess I'm good for now. Went ahead and made my own styli :)
    You can find pics to see what I made by searching my posts, if you wish.
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    looks nice. too expensive though.
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