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best torrent app...

Discussion in 'OS X' started by N-Y, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. N-Y
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    I currrently using transmission to download torrent.... what do you guys think of it?, are there any better ones out there?
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    Why don't you google "Mac OS Torrent client" and try a bunch of them out? Most of them are free. Nobody is going to tell you which one is better for your personal preferences.
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    I agree with this, but you stated you use Transmission. I also use this app because it is just dead simple. Compare it to Azureus.
  4. ahm
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    This has been asked before.

    But, I always use UTorrent for OS X.
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    I use Transmission and I like it except for one thing, I wish I could rename the files I'm going to be downloading. As is I have to create a new folder, call it what I am going to want to call the final file, and then download to that folder. Then when its downloaded I rename the file. Aside from the pain of having to do this it also means I often seed files for a shorter amount of time than I would want to since I'm renaming files shortly after they are downloaded.
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    I think Transmission is simple and does the job. It's what I use.
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    I use uTorrent. Fast and simple.
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    btdownloadcurses ;)
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    I've tried a bunch and Transmission is my current favorite.
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    I use transmission also. I also have Vuze, because a number of posters said it was better, but I still seem to always use transmission, if that says anything.
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    Mr. McMac

    utorrent here. Super easy to use.
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    uTorrent as well. Quick, easy and gives me a ton of information at a glance.
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    Currently I use Transmission, and I've used UTorrent for Windows prior.

    I'd like to add to this conversation if I may, which method allows you to mask your IP from your provider of what you're downloading via torrent?
    It's annoying to download something, LEGALLY, and yet still get annoying calls from my provider thinking I'm doing something wrong and they threaten to cut off your services. Not a big deal as I'm already paying them too much for their bandwidth any ways.
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    This always annoys me slightly... it's µTorrent, not uTorrent. One is the Greek letter m, the other the Latin u. (It's pronounced myu)

    We're Mac users, we have no excuse... it's dead simple to type that character (opt-m) as opposed to Windows where it's quite difficult. ;)
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    While that is certainly the case, the homepage for µTorrent is utorrent.com, NOT µtorrent.com. :)

    In case anyone is wondering, in the world of science, the prefix "µ" means "micro", (alluding to the fact that it's a small and lightweight torrent client), and I actually pronounce µTorrent as "micro torrent".

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    I like VUZE.
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    I didn't know that! Thanks!

    That's how I pronounce it as well. Makes the most sense.
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    uTorrent FTW!! :D
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    I like more Vuze (Azureus) than any other... if you like simplicity of use then transmission, if not I recommend Vuze... Tomato is another extremely simple one to use too.

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