Best Twitter app for iPad? MUST have iPad compatibility

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by yhellotharsir, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Meaning, not simply an iPhone app blown up.

    What's the best Twitter app for iPad? Free or paid, either one.

    Thanks guys.
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    Or :-

    Twitterrific :D

    Been my favourite since its launch & found nothing to beat it yet.
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    Osfoora...hands down.
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    Toss-up between Osfoora and Tweetings - finding myself switching between the two quite regularly.
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    Tweetdeck is pretty good.
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    Twitterrific doesn't have every feature known to man like Osfoora does, but it's my favorite.
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    Osfoora rocks FTW!
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    No contest... Osfoora HD. Tweetings a distant second.
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    Osfoora for both iPad and iPhone4
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    I much prefer Twitterrific over Osfoora, Echofon, etc - while it may not have as many features as most other clients, its interface is the most streamlined and intuitive. Osfoora's interface is crowded and Echofon for iPad looks like the iPhone app, only doubled up.

    Plus you can't compete with the price - free.
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    I find FlipBoard to be the best. It has Twitter compatibility though cannot do everything you may wish to but I just read and do not post... so if you're looking to read then I'd suggest FlipBoard.
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    I used Twitterriffic before I discovered Osfoora. The lack of ability to post longer than the usual Tweet killed it for me. My favorite feature in any twitter client is the ability to write long tweets or Tweetlonger support. So I'd rate Twitterriffic only a close third behind Osfoora and Tweetings. Osfoora rules em all in interface and features.
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    Same here, I love that Tweetings has its own push service. If Osfoora did I'd love it even more.
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    Downloaded Echofon and never looked back, it's so user friendly! :D

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